Wow, You Can Really Dance – Meaning & origin + examples

Anyone who uses TikTok daily might already be familiar with the “wow, you can really dance” meme. Let’s talk about its meaning, as well as where it came from and why it got so popular in the first place! For anyone that hasn’t heard of it or wants to learn a little more, you’ve come to the right place.

What Does “Wow, You Can Really Dance” Mean?

“Wow, you can really dance” means that someone is impressed with the dancing ability of the person they’re dancing with. The whole meme is about two people dancing opposite each other. Each one compliments the others dancing ability by voicing over a song, and then they dance together at the end until one of them jumps into the other’s arms.

The music used in the TikTok meme comes from a 2015 music video released by Handsome Dancer, called Coincidance. In the meme, both participants say “wow, you can really dance” to each other while shaking their hips. They then both get a quick freestyle section to do a little dance that best suits them. Finally, they start tapping their feet in opposite directions until one of them jumps into the other’s arms.

It’s become prevalent on TikTok over the last few months and has even bled across to other social media sites like Instagram Reels and Facebook. Now, the phrase appears all over the web without the associated video of people dancing to compliment someone or refer them to the original meme videos that came out around the time it started.

Like most things on TikTok, once one video got popular using the Coincidance song, all the videos using it tended to get popular too.

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What Is The Origin Of “Wow, You Can Really Dance?”

As mentioned, the phrase was first heard in the 2015 song Coincidance by Handsome Dancer. The music video was directed and written by James Manzello and featured two main characters singing and dancing to each other in an iconic manner. The video’s premise was that these two men left their homes so that they could pursue their passion for dancing as they explored the world around them.

The TikTok meme references the part in the song where the two men finally meet each other and dance together. They repeat the lines “wow, you can really dance” and then continue with the rest of the song from the TikTok videos. After this part, the music video goes on, and the men end up saving the world with the power of dance.

While the music video seems very outlandish, it’s joyful and funny. It helps that the music is also quite catchy too since that’s what you need if you want your music to go viral on a platform like TikTok.

Why Has “Wow, You Can Really Dance” Become So Popular?

The song was already fairly popular when it was released in 2015. It was quite funny, and people enjoyed the quirkiness of the choreography. Obviously, at the time, TikTok didn’t exist, and eventually, the song fell out of most people’s heads. This only lasted for a short while, though. When the year 2019 came around, TikTok users started to imitate the video clip themselves and brought the song back into the limelight.

Because of TikTok, the song quickly began to spread across social media again. It was mentioned all over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook through hashtags, too. People would reminisce about the time they found the song four years prior, or if they’d not heard it before, they’d enjoy the quality content that came out of it instead.

Even as of 2021, “wow, you can really dance” videos can be seen all over TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube. People are constantly coming up with new and fun ways to tackle the dance and give it their own little twist. It’s one of the most popular TikTok memes to date.

Examples Of How To Use “Wow, You Can Really Dance.”

TikToker 1: “Wow, you can really dance.”

TikToker 2: “Wow, you can really dance.”

TikToker 1: “He went.” *drum beat*

TikToker 2: “He went.” *drum beat*

TikToker 1: “They said we’ve both been dancing all this time, what a coincidance.”