9 Words To Describe A Male Fashionista

The word of fashion is not gender exclusive, and there are plenty of men who are interested in clothing and all things fashion. But what is the best term to describe a fashionista who is a man? This article will give you plenty of alternatives.

Words To Describe A Male Fashionista

The preferred terms to describe a male fashionista are “Fashionista”, “Snappy dresser” and “Trend setter”. These are all terms that, when mentioned, immediately bring to mind the idea of someone who is very deliberate about what they wear, and have a good sense of style.


The best word to refer to a male fashionista is, well, fashionista! You see, the word “Fashionista” is gender-neutral, meaning that it can be utilized for someone who is a man or a woman with no issues on either end.

Because of the fact that fashion is traditionally associated with women, most fashionistas you’ll hear about are women themselves.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that “fashionista” is a term that can be used for both women and men, it’s just that you’ll see less male fashionistas because of the way the industry works.

Here are a few sentences that will show you the best ways to use “Fashionista” in your sentences:

  • You wouldn’t know it from his emails, but he’s actually a total fashionista, obsessed with fashion.
  • I consider myself a fashionista, in fact I am always working on ways to improve my outfits.
  • Do you really think he’s as much of a fashionista as you are?
  • I disagree with the idea that all fashionistas are equally good, I think some have better styles.
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Snappy Dresser

When you say that someone is a “snappy dresser”, what you’re saying is that that person always dresses appropriately for the occasion. This keen sense of knowing when to wear what outfits means that it’s a perfect way to describe a male fashionista.

Using “snappy dresser” you immediately convey the idea that the person you’re describing has a sleek and modern sense of style. This could therefore be applied to a fashionista of any gender, and is perfect for a male fashionista.

Here are some example sentences that contain the phrase “Snappy dresser” for you to learn to use it:

  • He’s a total snappy dresser, somehow he always manages to be the best dressed person.
  • I consider myself a snappy dresser, because I’m really good at improvising good outfits.
  • The fact that you’re so good at stylizing different pieces of clothing makes you a snappy dresser.
  • I would comfortably call him a snappy dresser because of all his amazing outfits that he wears.


“Trend-setter” is the perfect phrase for a man who is always wearing outfits that are ahead of everyone else’s in style. When a “trend-setter” wears an outfit, he’s setting the trend for other people to follow. This makes it a perfect word for a male fashionista.

Calling someone a “trend-setter” is an incredibly high compliment, as it means that the person’s outfits are so good that other people will be copying their style soon enough.

These are a few examples of the ways that you can use “trend-setter” in a sentence:

  • I think that he’s an absolute trend setter, always on the vanguard of what’s stylish.
  • You’ve really grown into a total trend-setter, my outfits are styled after yours!
  • He’s a trend-setter, which in this case means that the magazines copy his fashion style.
  • When you think about it, the fact that he’s a trend-setter means his outfits are amazing.


A great word you can use to describe a male fashionista is “fashionmonger”. A “fashionmonger” will always be experimenting with his clothing, either following other people’s styles or setting styles of his own. It’s a very good description for the fashion expert in your life.

“Fashionmonger” is a good alternative pick to describe a male fashionista because it’s not the sort of term that many people would use. If you use “Fashionmonger” you’ll immediately draw people’s attention and invoke their curiosity.

Here are some examples that should help you understand how to use “Fashionmonger” in sentences:

  • He’s such a fashionmonger I caught him reading a novel on Parisian clothing the other day.
  • In the past year or so I’ve become a total fashionmonger, because of all these documentaries.
  • I think he’s a huge fashionmonger because every week his outfits have a different theme.
  • I’m a fashionmonger, I’m really interested in the development of fashion through the years.

Fashion Designer

Though this is a term with a narrower range of use, you can still use “fashion designer” to describe many male fashionistas, as long as they actually design clothes. With fashion experts, there’s a good chance that if they’re an expert, they’ve designed clothes in the past.

While you can’t call every male fashionista a “fashion designer”, it can’t be denied that if someone is a fashion designer, they’re most likely a fashionista, which means that this term is applicable in a sizable amount of situations.

Here are some sentences that include “fashion designer” in them so you get a feel for how to use it:

  • He’s a fashion designer, and had some of his clothing featured in a collection last year.
  • Because he designs a lot of his own personal clothes, I call him a fashion designer.
  • Among New York’s elite, he’s one of the top fashion designers in the game.
  • I consider myself a fashion designer, though I just do casual, informal wear.


“Elegant” is the sort of word that could be applied to practically any male fashionista out there, as it’s pretty much a requirement to be one. The average male fashionista is classy and has tons of style, which makes “elegant” the perfect adjective for them.

“Elegant” is also a great word to describe a male fashionista because pretty much everyone knows what “elegant” means. It’s a very common adjective, and thus a great way to describe someone.

Here are some phrases that include the “elegant” adjective in them so you remember how to use it:

  • He’s incredibly elegant, just look at the suit he wore to his friend’s wedding.
  • I think he’s a fairly elegant guy, his outfits on Instagram are always very well groomed.
  • I try as hard as I can to be elegant, because I feel like it’s part of my brand to be elegant.
  • If you want to get far in life, you have to be at least a little bit elegant, in my opinion.

Man of Fashion

An interesting way to refer to a fashionable guy is a “man of fashion”. This is a very charming way to refer to a fashionista, because it evokes the phrase “man of action”, but with a different subject that is fairly opposed conceptually.

The phrase “man of fashion” is a good one, in great part because though it’s not a particularly well-used phrase, when you say “man of fashion” people will immediately understand what you mean, as it’s a very self-explanatory phrase.

These example sentences will show you some contexts in which you could use “man of fashion”:

  • He’s designed so many outfits you have to consider him a man of fashion at this point.
  • I’m a man of fashion, working day and night to study different styles and outfits.
  • He only became a man of fashion in the last couple of weeks, but I like that for him.
  • You’re a huge man of fashion because you’ve been designing since you were five years old.

Perfectly Dressed

Though this phrase might seem obvious at first glance, “perfectly dressed” is a truly great way to refer to a male fashionista. It’s a straightforward description, but because it’s so straightforward, it immediately communicates the way the person dresses and their affinity for fashion in general.

You can use “perfectly dressed” to refer to really any male fashionista, and you’ll probably be right, because if someone is a fashionista, they most likely pay a lot of attention to the way that they dress.

Here are a few example sentences that’ll show you how to use “perfectly dressed”:

  • Your outfit today is really nice, you’re always perfectly dressed!
  • Last year I set a goal to always be perfectly dressed for the occasion, no matter what.
  • I think that he’s always perfectly dressed because he’s such a fashionista.
  • If you want to study in that academy it’s a requirement to always be perfectly dressed.

Fashion Guru

This particular term is a classic one that sees plenty of use and people will recognize immediately, which really makes it the perfect term to refer to a male fashionista. If you have a strong interest in fashion to the point where you’re a fashionista, you’re also a “fashion guru”.

When you call someone a “fashion guru”, what you’re saying is that the person is an expert in all things fashion. This, of course, also fits the definition of a fashionista.

Here are some example sentences that’ll show you how to work “fashion guru” into your conversations:

  • He’s a fashion guru, runs a website with different outfit articles every day.
  • I think you could say he’s a fashion guru, since he pays so much attention to clothing.
  • He has been a fashion guru since 2016, when he read a book on the fashion of Italy.
  • Not only are you a fashion guru, but I’d say that you’re the most important guru in our country.