Wildin – Meaning & Example Sentences

“Wildin” is an expression that bears similarity to other common English terms. However, it’s a much more rare term, and one that can be confusing. This article is going to comprehensively explain what “wildin” means. This way, you will know how to use it.

Wildin – Meaning

“Wildin” is a slang term that is used to talk about someone who is acting in a crazy manner. People use “wildin” to describe people who are acting in a way that is be crazy, weird or violent. It’s a common slang term that gets used by young people.

wildin meaning

The ways in which people use “wildin” tend to vary somewhat. Some people use “wildin” to talk about how they are acting at a party. Some people use “wildin” to describe people that are weird.

“Wildin” is very clearly a slang term, which means that it’s not going to be appropriate in all situations. “Wildin” should not be used in formal situations or contexts.

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How to Use “Wildin” in a Sentence

Incorporating new slang into your sentences can seem like a tricky task at first. However, using “wildin” in a sentence is very simple. It’s a descriptor of someone’s actions or attitudes. Here we have assembled some sentences to help you figure out how to use the term:

  1. He’s wildin, I can’t believe that he actually asked him about it.
  2. She’s totally wildin, just look at her attitude in the last hour or so.
  3. We’re all wildin, but it’s ok because we’re together and having fun.
  4. I think we should all take a step back because he’s wildin and we should be careful.
  5. You’re wildin, I can’t believe you actually thought that was an appropriate thing to say.

Wildin – Origin

“Wildin” as a slang term comes from the idea of “acting wild” or “being wild”. In fact, “wildin” as a term first was used in the 1980s and 1990s. Back in the day, it was a term exclusively used to talk about violent behaviors in young people.

As the decades progressed, “wildin” progressed from being a descriptor of violent behavior. Nowadays it’s used in a less negative way. In its modern use, it can just describe behavior that’s odd in nonviolent ways.

“Wildin” is not a term where we know who said it first, but rather one that occurred from repeated common use. It’s a very popular term in spite of the unknown creator.

Wildin – Synonyms

“Wildin” is a slang phrase used to talk about someone acting in a really wild and weird way. Naturally, it’s not the only slang term used to describe odd behavior in people. There are plenty of synonym phrases that we can use instead. Here are some of them:

  • Tweekin
  • Wiggin
  • Lunchboxin
  • Buggin
  • Trippin

Correct Ways to Say “Wildin”

“Wildin” is a slang phrase that has been in use for several decades. What tends to happen with these terms is that they get slight variations over time. This is also the case with “wildin”, there are several correct ways to use it. Here are some of them:

  • Wilding
  • Wylin
  • Wilin

Incorrect Ways to Use “Wildin”

“Wildin” is a phrase that is popular enough to get misused by people a lot of the time. One case of people misusing “wildin” is when people use it to describe behavior that is normal. It’s important to remember that “wildin” is used to describe weird behavior.

People shouldn’t use “wildin” to describe someone who is acting in a normal way, unless it’s done sarcastically. However, in all other situations, “wildin” should be reserved for people acting odd or weird.

In What Situations Can You Use “Wildin”?

“Wildin” is a term that is perfectly suited to talk about someone who is acting in a weird way. If you’re next to someone who is acting oddly or in a violent way, you can say they’re “wildin”. Anyone who is acting weirdly you can say that they’re “wildin”.

However, it’s important to remember that you should only use “wildin” in very casual contexts. As with many slang terms, it’s completely inappropriate to use “wildin” in formal situations.

Wildin or Wylin?

Both “wildin” and “wylin” are correct. While “wildin” is the original phrase, “wylin” is a valid alternate spelling. It emerged after several decades, and has grown in popularity. This cements it as a valid alternate phrasing. You can choose to say either “wildin” or “wylin”.

While initially “wylin” could’ve been considered incorrect, that’s no longer true. “Wylin” is now a completely valid alternate spelling of “wildin”.