“Where Do You Put Up?” – Meaning Explained (What to Reply)

We often hear the expression “put up” in all sorts of scenarios and meanings. But do we really know what it means every time it’s used? Well, that’s something we are about to address in this piece in high detail. Read on and never get confused about it again.

What Does “Where Do You Put Up” Mean?

The question “where do you put up?” is used to ask about a temporary place someone might be staying at. Indeed, although it is not used in every English-speaking country, in some it is a common, informal expression to ask for a temporary place of residence.

where do you put up meaning

Controversy surrounds this term, and while some dictionaries such as the Oxford Dictionary and the Cambridge Dictionary approve it, some people find it strange-sounding. What we can say, given the dictionary definitions, is that it is a perfect use of the English language.

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What to Reply to “Where Do You Put Up”

When someone asks “where do you put up?” they want to know where you are temporarily staying. Therefore, you have to answer that question by telling the requester where you are spending that night. Bear in mind this expression doesn’t mean permanent location but temporary.

The temporary quality of the place you are staying at is reflected in the word choice for the question. If the person asking wants to know your permanent residency, they will ask you “where do you live” instead. Therefore, when the question is asked using “put up”, the person asking implies you’re staying somewhere for that night that isn’t your home.

Let’s see how to use that question in conversation:

  • Where are you putting up for the night?
  • I’m staying at my auntie’s; she’s got plenty of room.
  • Where do you put up when you go to the countryside?
  • Well, there’s always a friend willing to open a bottle of wine and hear some big city stories.
  • I’ve noticed you’re back in town for a few days; where do you put up?
  • I’ve been staying in my old apartment for a few days; it feels a little odd.
  • Where do you put up when you go skiing?
  • There are beautiful facilities near the track; you sleep well, can ski early in the morning, and it’s not so expensive.

Where Do You Put Up vs. Where Are You Put Up

The expressions “where do you put up” and “where are you put up” have the same meaning; asking about a temporary place to stay. That being said, “where do you put up” is common in colloquial English while “where are you put up” is a rarer term.

Although it is not uncommon to hear both expressions in colloquial English, the use of “where do you put up” is not only more frequent but also recognized by the most prestigious dictionaries in the world. On the other hand, “where are you put up” is not so frequent.

  • Where do you put up when you come to the city?
  • I usually go to a friend’s house that has an extra room for me.
  • Hey man! It’s so great to see you again in town; where are you put up?
  • Thanks, man! I’m staying at my grandmother’s; she’s always got room to spare.
  • I heard you went to Bali on a business trip, where do you put up when you go to Asia?
  • Well, just the usual, small and cheap hotels with hard beds and cold breakfasts!
  • Where are you put up? Don’t tell me you’ve gone to that old hotel again.
  • Well, man, it’s what my budget allows!

“Where Do You Put Up” – Synonyms

Using synonyms is great for spoken and written English since it keeps the language colorful and interesting. But, are there any synonyms to ask for someone’s momentary place of residence other than “where do you put up”? Read on because here are 5 synonyms to keep your English always interesting.

  • Where are you staying at?
  • Where do you stay?
  • Where do you spend the night?
  • Where are you living these days?
  • Where do you crash when in town? (Informal, the word “crash” means to stay briefly somewhere).