What does ? mean from a girl? 16 good examples of when she might use it

Gentlemen, this one’s for you. Women can be a little hard to understand sometimes. Today, I want to arm you with the tools that you need to get a slightly better understanding of what women mean when they say certain things to you.

Today, the focus will be on “?”.

What does “?” mean from a girl?

When a girl texts you with simply “?” she could be saying one of four things.

1. Who are you? And why are you texting me?

2. I’ve been waiting a while for my reply.

3. What do you mean by that?

4. Why did you do/say that?

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The Multiple meanings of “?” from a girl

Who are you?

The great thing about the internet is that we can meet people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if I’m in England and you’re in California, I could be in Germany, and you in Mexico.

At first, this might seem great. But women get loads of messages from new guys every single day. I’m sure that occasionally being messaged by a handsome bloke is rather nice. But being sent hundreds of messages every day from people who are not your cup of tea must get rather frustrating.

By sending a “?”, she says that she does not know who you are and would rather not speak to you unless you have a valid reason.

You haven’t awnsered my question

Often, when you’re speaking to someone, be that in a romantic or friendship context, questions are a great way to learn more about the other person. This could be something as simple as “what do you do for a living?”. Or something a bit deeper such as “Why did you break up with your ex?”.

Sometimes, we can have a habit of ignoring important questions. And let’s be honest here, it’s too easy to do that online. There is nobody there to put us under pressure to answer them.

So if she texts you, “Why are you single?”

If you leave her hanging for too long, she might text back “?” after a while.

What does that mean?

The purpose of language is to enable us to understand each other’s ideas and emotions. But sometimes, the language we use might not serve this purpose.

This might be because you’re talking about a topic the other is unfamiliar with or due to you using a local dialect that they weren’t aware of.

If a woman sends you “?”, she could just be saying, “I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean?”

Why did you say that?

Have you ever said something to a woman, and she’s got upset, but you were totally unaware about why? Well, don’t be thinking that just because you’re talking through a screen, you can avoid this issue.

Sometimes, “?” can be a sign that you have just said something stupid, and she wants an explanation or justification as to why you just said that. Unfortunately, there is very rarely anything you can say to justify it in her mind at this point.

You might also have just confessed to something that you shouldn’t have just admitted to.

Examples of “?” as a reply from a girl

Who are you?

“Hey. I found your profile on my ForYou Page. You look Beautiful”.


“Hello. It’s nice to meet you”.


“Wow. You’re sooo pretty!”




You haven’t answered my question.

“Were all your exes psycho. Or were you the problem?”

(10 hours later)


“Wanna hang out tomorrow?”

(10 hours later)


“What are you looking for in a woman?”

(10 hours later)


“Don’t you think the problem here is with you?”


What do you mean by that?

“I think that I had a good family. We always followed the ethical principles of the Church of England whilst maintaining a metropolitan outlook on social issues”.


“I told him Dinna Fash. It was a wee problem. But I canne see why he cared so much”.


“I might have got my knickers in a twist. But looking back now, I was tilting at windmills.”


“wae aye man. Tonight, I’m getting Mortal”.


Why did you do/say that?

“Sorry I can’t meet you today, I’m going to my friend’s house”.


“Last night was fun. But I think we’ll be better off as friends”.


“I had a one night stand last night”.


“I really don’t like fat women”.


Is this exclusive to women?

I know the focus of this article is women. But let’s be honest for a minute. This is the kind of language you might get from a male.

Don’t think that just because the person you’re speaking to is a man, that means this article will be of no use to you. Yes, in general, men tend to be more upfront about what they mean, but that is not to say men don’t also use ambiguous language when it suits them.

? vs ??????: There is a HUGE difference

There is a difference between “?” and “????????”. And the difference is tone.

A single question mark would suggest that the emotions are low, and it’s not really a subject that matters too much. However, when there are multiple question marks, that means the girl you are talking to is in a terrible mood with you.

Usually, when a girl sends you “??????” that means two things.

1. Damn. You have really upset you. You need to work on making it up to her.

2. Yippie! She likes you enough for you to be able to really upset her.


When a woman texts you “?” that will mean that either…..

She wishes to know who you are.

She is still waiting for a response to a question she previously answered.

She doesn’t know what you mean and wishes for you to explain.

You have said something you shouldn’t have and need to justify what you’ve just said.

Of course, this isn’t exclusive to women. But in general, it is used by women more than by men. Although that might change in a few years.

And when she says “?????????” that means she is very cross with you.

Hopefully, now, you have a better idea of what she is trying to say to you. And now, you can speak to women without things getting lost in translation.