What does awaiting fulfilment mean? Here’s the full explanation with 5 examples

Have you ever ordered something online, and as soon as you’ve placed the order, you get an email that describes your request as “awaiting fulfilment”?

I know that this might sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but I’m afraid it’s not quite that exciting. Today, we’ll be looking at what “awaiting fulfilment” means, why companies might like to use it, and why you should know it too.

What does “Awaiting Fulfilment” mean?

“Awaiting Fulfilment” means that the company has received your order. It means that they are still waiting for someone to put it into the shipping parcel and label it.

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How does ordering something online work?

To better understand what “awaiting fulfilment” means, we should look at the stages of shipping an order. From the second you click “buy now” to the minute it arrives at your door.

1. After you place the order, it will be “awaiting fulfilment”. The company knows you’ve made an order, but so far, nothing has been done about it.

2. Once your order has been put into the parcel, it will be delivered in. It will be “awaiting shipment”. From here, they will wait for the truck to come to take it to the post office/delivery hub.

3. When it’s on the way, it will be “Partially shipped” or “In transit”.

4. Once it’s reached the final courier, it will be set as “shipped”. At this stage, you shouldn’t have to wait more than a few days to receive your package.

Why do they need to be “awaiting fulfilment”?

I’m sure many of you are now wondering why your order needs to be “awaiting fulfilment”. Why can’t they just throw it from the self to the delivery area as soon as you click “buy”.

Firstly, they might not have the item in stock. Of course, their website should reflect this, but mistakes do happen. And it’s better to catch it early than leave you waiting for weeks for a parcel that will never arrive.

If your order consists of more than one item, they might want to put several things into one box to save material.

And finally, for some locations, certain items might need specific paperwork to be sorted out first.

Why companies tell you that an order is “awaiting fulfilment”

Because we are willing to wait longer when we know exactly how long something will be, Many companies tell you when your order has been fulfilled.

For example, there is the reason why Uber is becoming more popular than regular taxis. On Uber, you can see exactly how far away your taxi is.

There is a display that tells you exactly how long you have to wait for the tube to arrive on the underground in London.

By telling you how long things will take, you will forgive them for making you wait a bit longer.

Companies that tell you something is “awaiting fulfilment”

There are plenty of companies who will send an “awaiting fulfilment” message to their customers. But here are some of the most searched for.

Golf Wang.

A company that provides golfing equipment.


A postal service that operates by air rather than ship.

Game Nerdz.

A video game shop. Selling video games, consoles, and memorabilia.


Something to do with computers.

Why is “awaiting fulfilment” taking so long?

If you’ve been waiting for a while for your order to go from “awaiting fulfilment” to “awaiting shipment”, we understand that this can make you rather frustrated, but there are a few reasons for this.

They may have just received a flood of orders and will take some time to package everything up. Perhaps they have already fulfilled the order but forgot to tell the computer- they’re only human after all.

Or you’ve ordered after the shop has closed. There isn’t anyone in yet (or anymore) to fulfil the order for you. You’ll just have to wait until they open up again.

“awaiting fulfilment” etymology

To truly understand what something means, knowing the Etymology can you get to grips with how a word came to be and highlight its meaning better.

“Awaiting” comes from the Old North French “Awaiteier”.

This is made up of two parts. “A” a prefix meaning “to”. And “waiteier” meaning “wait”.

Fulfil comes from the old English “fullfyllan” which translates as “fill up”. This goes back to when most of the things people wanted “fulfilled” were related to drinks.

Why does “awaiting fulfilment”matter?

Are you wondering why any of this matters? Why would you even need to know what “awaiting fulfilment” means?

In the modern age, many of us like to order things online from a variety of websites. Knowing what these websites are saying can give us a better idea of how long we can expect to wait.

Some of you might even run your own E-Commerce store. Knowing what “awaiting fulfilment” means can help you inform your customers how far away their orders are from being delivered. This can increase your reputation among customers.

5 examples of “awaiting fulfilment” in some sentences

“Recent arrivals have been small and merchants have many orders awaiting fulfilment”.

“We are awaiting fulfilment of an order remuneration for their services”.

“As revenue rises, duction, which has many overseas orders and indeed the reserve shown in this awaiting fulfilment is practically being budget would have met the entire cost of forced out of business as the result of the Government services”.

“The Freight Markets ilion Orders were awaiting fulfilment for chalk New Essential Work Order for to the North Pacific Coast”.

“Importers had become accustomed to order in advance and excess of needs. Many of the orders for these goods had been awaiting fulfilment for twelve months or more”.


And that is what it means when a company tells you that your order is “awaiting fulfilment”. It just means that they have received the order but not done anything about it yet.

You will still need to wait for them to put it into the parcel, let the package be shipped, and for the box to reach your house.

If you run an E-Commerce store, the information within this article could help you stay one step ahead of your competition. But even if you don’t, we hope that now you won’t be confused when you receive an email that says “awaiting fulfilment”.