“Vast Majority”: Meaning & 12 Examples (Is It A Word To Avoid?)

The phrase “vast majority” is something that we usually hear. Recently, however, a lot of issues arose about the phrase’s use.

Speakers are asking if the said phrase is right. Moreover, should we avoid using it?

To help you land on the answer, we’ll discuss this deeper in today’s article.

What Does “Vast Majority” Mean?

The phrase “vast majority” means that almost everything in one group belongs in the same category. This is usually used for emphasis and proving an evident point. Statistically, people use this when referring to 80% to 90% of the subject.

what does vast majority mean

Let us talk about the phrase in more detail.

According to the definition from Cambridge Dictionary, “vast majority” means huge. It’s a word that describes a significantly large size.

On the flip side, from the same source, the word “majority” refers to the bigger part of a group. Simply speaking, it is the term for something that covers more than half of something.

Combining these two, we can come up with significantly large size of a group. This is where the issue starts, though.

Saying “vast majority” seems redundant. However, the redundant-like characteristic of the phrase makes it perfect for emphasizing large portions.

Some speakers justify its use by giving statistical references like pointing to more than 80% of a group.

The phrase generally applies to any group. You can use it for people, things, animals, and likes.

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Can I Say “Vast Majority?”

If you’re wondering if you can say “vast majority”, then you can feel free to say the phrase for everyday conversations.

Grammar-wise, “vast majority” doesn’t really fit technical rules. This is why it’s considered more of an idiom rather than a regular adjective. It can also fall under the hyperbole category.

You can definitely use the phrase for casual and sometimes even formal conversations. This is automatically understood no matter who your audience is.

Moreover, it’s also widely accepted in documents.

However, some experts recommend using more formal alternatives if you plan on using them for technical papers.

For instance, you can use the phrase “great majority” instead. This is a more formal and traditional version of “vast majority”.

Some also follow certain conditions before using the phrase. Since the phrase is used for hyperbole or emphasis, this is best used if accurate percentage rates of the data are available.

To be specific, the phrase will be ideal if you’re referring to more than 80% of the group. Some stick to a larger percentage, which is 90% or more.

Still, having percentage rates to base off isn’t necessary. As long as the context is right, then you can use the phrase “vast majority”.

All in all, it’s safe to conclude that the phrase at hand is not something that you should avoid. It’s grammatically acceptable and is used by both native and non-native English speakers.

How Do You Use “Vast Majority” In A Sentence?

Here are some examples of how you can use “vast majority” in a sentence:

1. According to my survey, the vast majority agree with our program’s plan and projects. It won’t be a problem to convince those opposed.

2. The vast majority of my research subjects went through the positive effects of the vitamins. Only very few people experienced side effects.

3. The vast majority of the citizens opposed the planned demolition in the neighborhood.

4. My goal is to receive a “Yes” from the vast majority of the hosts.

5. The zoo experienced unusual behavior from the vast majority of the safari animals. It may have something to do with the recent surge in visitors.

6. The vast majority of the country’s ethnic tribes aim to preserve their culture by staying away from technological advancements.

7. It’s too bad. The vast majority of his fans didn’t like the most recent video he published.

8. The vast majority of the people living in the city are used to hearing roars from various vehicles.

9. I found out that the vast majority of the funds are allotted for medical expenses.

10. After the recent issue about the company’s moral values, the vast majority of their employees started to look for another firm.

11. It will be best if we appeal to the vast majority of the audience.

12. What will happen if the vast majority of the officials agree to the new policy?

Simple, you should use “vast majority” in a sentence if it aims to deliver a message regarding a highly huge portion of a group.

There are no certain rules about how you should use the phrase. You only mainly have to consider its meaning.

Synonyms For Vast Majority

If you’re looking for alternatives to the phrase, then here are some synonyms for “vast majority” that you can use.

– Large majority

– Great majority

– Overwhelming majority

– Clear majority

– Almost all

These five are only some of the best synonyms that you can use. It’s worth noting that some phrases, such as “major majority”, are better avoided because of their evident redundancy.