Typographic Term for Bold, Italics, and Underline

You may have wondered what to call bold, italics, and underline collectively. This page will explain how they are referred to and show how they are used through examples of the three terms.

Typographic Term for Bold, Italics, and Underline

The term for changing text to either bold, italics, or underlined is “typographical emphasis.” Other forms of “emphasis” include capital letters, color, and graphics. However, the most commonly used are bold, italics, and underline.

Typography Term for Bold, Italics, and Underline

Text can be changed in several ways in order to attract the reader`s attention. The name for the practice of changing letters is “typographic emphasis.”

 It is a common practice for newspapers, magazines, and websites to apply “emphasis” to their text. It is also common in formal and informal writing as a way of separating sections and emphasizing certain parts of the text.

The three most common ways of applying “emphasis” to text are italics, bold, and underlining. Collectively they are known as examples of “typographic emphasis.”

Typographic Emphasis

The term “emphasis” is the only recognized term for collectively referring to italics, bold, and underline.

There are different ways of applying “emphasis”, such as spacing, letter alterations, capitalization, and graphics. These techniques are commonly employed in media formats such as newspapers and magazines.

Here are some examples of “emphasis” in a sentence

  • You can add emphasis to your essay by separating the sections with bold headings.
  • The typographical emphasis employed by tabloids is much different to that of broadsheets.
  • Capitalization is the worst technique for creating typographical emphasis.

When Can I Use Bold, Italics, and Underline?

Using bold, italics, and underlining depends significantly on what type of text you are writing. If it is a formal text, then you should follow the specific guidelines of the style demanded by your institution.

However, some ways of adding “emphasis” are almost universally performed in the same way.

For example, any standalone works such as films, books, movies, songs etc., are usually placed in italics. Furthermore, words that are not English but are used in an English text are generally in italics. Also, quoted text inserted within a text often appears in italics.

The bold feature is used to draw attention to specific keywords. Usually, titles and headings, but they can also be used for words in-text.

The underline feature on web pages displays hyperlinks to other web pages. In standard texts such as newspapers and magazines, underlining is used for titles and adding emphasis.