Training Program or Training Programme? (UK vs. US)

Okay, you’ve noticed there are two different spellings for “program.” It seems that both “program” and “programme” work, but which is correct?

This article will answer that question. You’ll know which to use as long as you stick with us!

Training Program or Training Programme?

“Training program” is correct in American English. In the US, “program” is written in a simple form (without the “-me” ending). For instance, “we joined the training program.” You can use “training programme” in British English. However, both spelling variations are now popular in the UK.

Check out the following examples to see how it works:

  • I do not want to join the training program until I know I’ll be compensated.
  • The training programme is very intensive. We’re still unsure whether people will sign up.

Both spellings are correct. As long as you stay consistent in your writing, it won’t often matter which one you use.

However, there’s a little bit more you need to know. So, keep reading to find out the differences and when to use them.

Training Program

“Training program” is the most popular spelling variation. It is an American English spelling, though it’s also becoming more common in British English.

Here are a few examples to help you:

  • I’m not sure about this training program. Is there anything else we can do instead?
  • The training program told me to work through these things. So, that’s what I’ve come to do.

The spelling of “program” is much simpler than “programme.” Therefore, it’s more appealing to writers and readers alike. It’s much easier to read, so people tend to stick with it.

Training Programme

“Training programme” is correct in British English. You will never come across “programme” in American English because the spelling variation is never used in favor of “program.”

Perhaps these examples will help you with it:

  • What is the point of this training programme again? Is there anything specific I need to know?
  • They will deliver the training programmes tomorrow. So, can you be here to collect them?

Most British English writers use “program” today as it’s simpler. However, “programme” is still the official spelling variation. So, you should stick to it in formal writing.

As long as you’re consistent, it doesn’t matter whether you use “program” or “programme” in British English. In fact, most UK writers avoid using “programme” because it looks pretentious to include the “-me” ending.


Technically, “program” and “programme” are both correct. However, “training program” is the most popular spelling variation. It’s correct in both American and British English.

Training programme” is only correct in British English. You can use it, but it’s best to stick with the simpler form “program.” Stay consistent with your choice, though.