Todays or Today’s? Here’s The Correct Possessive (Helpful Examples)

With the myriad rules of grammar and punctuation in the English language, it’s useful to gain an understanding of these guidelines, instead of just guessing or depending on which sounds better to you. This article will clarify the rules and differences between “todays” and “today’s”, as well as how to use them correctly.

Todays or Today’s?

Todays with no apostrophe is plural, but it is not possessive. It is rare and is commonly replaced with the singular, “today.” In contrast, “today’s” is possessive, but not plural. “Today’s” can also be used as a contraction for “Today is” where the apostrophe takes the place of the letter “i” in is.

Singular possessiveToday’s
Plural possessiveTodays’
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Five Examples of Todays (Plural)

The author wrote stories about his todays and his yesterdays.

Our todays are so hectic, we don’t have time to reminisce about the past.

My todays are so stressful, I don’t have time to plan for the future.

Don’t waste your todays worrying about tomorrow.

How many todays do I need to endure?

Five Examples of Today’s (Possessive)

Today’s economy is very difficult for job seekers.

Did you see the cover story of today’s newspaper?

Today’s interest rates are low and favorable for borrowers.

I’m going to order today’s special for dinner-fettucine alfredo.

Today’s workload is very heavy so I need to work late tonight.

Five Examples of Today’s (Contraction for Today Is)

Today’s very cold and snowy.

Today’s our 10th wedding anniversary.

Unfortunately, today’s all booked up.

Since John is out of the office, today’s a good day to catch up on my work.

Did you know that today’s the first official day of summer?

Todays or Today’s Quiz – Do you understand the difference?

1.  (A. Today’s, B. Todays, C. Todays’) ceramics class will be held in Room 302 instead of Room 310.

2.  For the marketing department’s lunch meeting, we are ordering (A. today’s, B. todays, C. todays’) special-chicken parmigiana.

3.  We must take time to truly appreciate our (A. today’s, B. todays, C. todays’), instead of focusing too much on the future.

4.   (A. Today’s, B. Todays, C. Todays’) the day I am moving to my new house in Arizona.

5.  Since I started my new job, my (A. today’s, B. todays, C. todays’) are packed with travel and deadlines.

6.  The renovation cost is very reasonable by (A. today’s, B. todays, C. todays’) standards.

7.  My (A. today’s, B. todays, C. todays’) are full of travel and adventure ever since I retired in May.

8.  Today’s a good day to go to the beach for a swim. (A. Today’s, B. Todays, C. Todays’).

9.  Since he is getting older, he makes sure to relish every one of his (A. today’s, B. todays, C. todays’).

10.  Since (A. today’s, B. todays, C. todays’) my friend Sally’s birthday, I’ll surprise her with her favorite flowers.


1.  A (possessive)

2.  A (possessive)

3.  B (plural)

4.  A (contraction)

5.  B (plural)

6.  A (possessive)

7.  B (plural)

8.  A (contraction)

9.  B (plural)

10.  A (contraction)

Three Tenses of Today

Today is often used to refer to the current day. As a result, today is usually associated with the present tense. However, the basic, plural, possessive, and contracted versions of today are versatile and can be used in the past, present and future tenses.


Today’s headlines report that firefighters contained an apartment building blaze quickly, and there were no casualties.

Today I went to the beach with Chris and Rachel.

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. today so I could go to the gym before work.

I was an hour late for work today because of a bad traffic jam this morning.


Today I’m feeling very energetic and motivated to finish my project.

I am working hard on my history paper today because it is due by midnight.

Jessica is working at the preschool all day today.

Dan is painting the living room and bedrooms today.


Today’s trip to the zoo is going to be lots of fun for the whole family.

I am going to take care of several appointments today.

Today we are going to our club’s annual beach picnic.

I have many errands I need to take care of today.

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