To Hard or Too Hard? Grammar Explained (Helpful Examples)

You might be a bit stumped between “too hard” and “to hard” as emphasized adjectives. This article will explain how the spelling works and whether “too” or “to” is the best way to write it.

Is It To Hard or Too Hard?

Make sure you only ever use “too hard.” It’s the only correct form to use, as it contains an adverb (too) that modifies an adjective (hard). “To hard” is incorrect because “to” is not an adverb, so it cannot modify “hard” in the same manner.

to or too hard

Since only “too hard” works, here’s a quick demonstration of the usage:

  • Correct: I can’t do this. It’s too hard! I need you to help me with it.
  • Incorrect: If it’s not to hard, I think you should visit your father again.

“Too” is an adverb, and you can identify it over “to” because of the repeated “O” letter. It is the only way to modify “hard,” which is an adjective.

“To” is a preposition that has no power when it comes to modifying adjectives. You’ll find it’s used often in other areas of writing, but never to modify a word like “hard.”

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To Hard

“To hard” makes no sense, so you should definitely not use it. You cannot use the prepositional form of “to” before an adjective like “hard” and expect the meaning to be modified in any reasonable ways. Only the adverb (too) with two “O’s” makes sense.

  • Correct: It’s too hard for me to do this alone. I hope someone is going to be coming along soon to give me a hand.
  • Incorrect: Damn! It’s to hard! I thought it was going to be a little bit easier than this, but I guess I was wrong.
  • Correct: The questions are too hard right now! Can’t you help me to work them out a little easier going forward?
  • Incorrect: If it’s not to hard for you, I think you’d really benefit from visiting the therapist again. They will be able to help you.
  • Correct: It’s always been too hard for me to visit his grave. It just brings back too many memories.
  • Incorrect: No! It’s to hard! I can’t keep forcing myself to work through this because of how rough it is!

Too Hard

“Too hard” is the only form you should use. It uses “too” to modify “hard,” which demonstrates how adverbs can modify adjectives in your writing. “Too” always emphasizes the meaning of the adjective it comes before.

“Too hard” always refers to something that is so difficult that you cannot manage to complete it. “Too” translates to mean “an excessive amount” of the adjective that it comes before.

  1. You’ve made this exam too hard now! I’m never going to get a good grade because I don’t know how to answer any questions.
  2. It’s too hard for me to stick with! I’m not getting anywhere with it right now, and I really wish you’d be able to help me more.
  3. I think it’s too hard for him, which is why he always looks like he’s struggling. You should help him a little more.
  4. Is it too hard? I thought it was fairly easy, though I suppose I have had a lot more time to practice this stuff.
  5. It was too hard for me to complete the challenge. I had to forfeit because I knew I was getting anywhere with it.

Why Do People Tend To Spell It Wrong?

It’s very common for people to get “to” and “too” mixed up. In multiple instances, you’ll find that people get them wrong because of how similar they sound when pronounced. They both sound identical, which causes many people to forget which one is suitable.

How To Remember If The Correct Spelling Is “To Hard” or “Too Hard”

“Too” is the only form that works. The tip to remember relates to the meaning of “too,” where it adds “an excessive amount” to the adjective “hard.” “Too” also has an extra “O” compared with “to,” which is “an excessive amount” of “O’s.” This tip should help you to remember!

Final Thoughts

“Too hard” is correct, and it’s the only form you should use. “Too” modifies “hard” in a way that shows something is too difficult to manage. “To hard” is incorrect, so you should avoid it in all cases. “To” does not modify “hard” as it is only a preposition.

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