These Information or This Information – Which Is Correct?

Sometimes, it can be hard to decide what word to use in the English language. This is true of many sentences, but rings particularly true when it comes to words like “these” and “this”, that are very similar. This article will explain whether it’s “these information” or “this information”.

These Information or This Information – Which Is Correct?

The correct answer is that you should say “this information” and never say “these information”. The word “information” is an uncountable noun, which means that you don’t use plural pronouns, and instead treat it as a singular noun even when it refers to multiple pieces of information.

these information or this information

Uncountable nouns can be tricky, because they’re seemingly assigned at random. But knowing that “information” is an uncountable noun is the key to understanding why saying “these information” is wrong.

This Information

“This information” is the correct way to refer to a specific piece of information. When you say “this information”, you’re talking about a piece of information that is close to you, either literally or figuratively.

“Information” is an uncountable noun, which means that it has no plural form. And because it has no plural form, you’re supposed to use singular pronouns to refer to it.

“This” is a singular pronoun, which means that “this information” is a perfectly grammatically correct and valid construct to use, and an incredibly useful one, too. Knowing this fact is key to understanding uncountable nouns.

In case you don’t understand how you could use “this information” in a sentence, here are a few examples:

  1. This information is very concerning, so we’re going to have to act fast.
  2. This information that you’ve given me is amazing, and I’ll take it into account.
  3. This information changes everything we thought we knew about the project’s development.
  4. It’s fine for you to have your biases against this initiative, I just want you to look at this information.
  5. This information that we received from the investigative report last week is very concerning.
  6. Looking at this information is a good way to get the gist of what the project’s all about.
  7. This information basically validates all of the theories that we’ve had the last ten years.

These Information

“These information” is an incorrect way to refer to a specific piece of information. The intent of using “these” is because presumably there are several pieces of information, but it’s incorrect because “information” is an uncountable noun, and therefore you only use singular pronouns with them, and no plurals.

When a noun is uncountable, even if there are multiple of the noun, then you still use the regular singular form to refer to the noun.

“Information” is this type of noun, and therefore, because “these” is a plural pronoun, then “these information” is a grammatically incorrect sentence.

In case you don’t understand, these examples of “these information” might help you get what we mean:

  1. Incorrect: These information is incredibly valuable to what we’re doing in this organization.
  2. Incorrect: These information will make our boss really excited so we should tell her.
  3. Incorrect: In the last half hour she had realized that these information was really bad.
  4. Incorrect: He delivered these information to the northern offices, to see if they know what to do.
  5. Incorrect: We considered that these information points to unfortunate developments coming soon.
  6. Incorrect: These information might scare you at first but it’s not all that bad, honestly.
  7. Incorrect: These information had made me reconsider my entire eating schedule.

Those Information

“Those information” is an invalid way of referring to several pieces of information. It’s grammatically incorrect, and should therefore be avoided, because “information” is an uncountable noun, and one should only use singular pronouns when referring to it or any uncountable noun in general.

The word “those” is a plural pronoun that is used to refer to several things that are not in the immediate vicinity, and are at least somewhat far away from the person who is speaking.

Because “those” is a plural pronoun, it can’t be used in conjunction with “information”, which as previously established is an uncountable noun.

Here are a few examples of what phrases to avoid using because they include “those information”:

  1. Incorrect: Those information are very interesting.
  2. Incorrect: Those information were very useful to me back in the day.
  3. Incorrect: Those information is going to become an incredibly important story.
  4. Incorrect: I wish that people actually paid attention to those information.
  5. Incorrect: Those information was compiled by all of the intrepid reporters.
  6. Incorrect: Those information are going to be very valuable when the time comes.
  7. Incorrect: Those information are absolutely fascinating considering our research.

Is It “All This Information” or “All These Information”?

The grammatically correct phrase is “all this information”. “All these information” is grammatically incorrect, and should be avoided. “Information” is an uncountable noun, which means that you can’t use it in conjunction with plural pronouns. Therefore, “all this information” is the correct form.

It’s easy to make this sort of mistake, because “this” and “these” are very similar words. You just have to remember two things to help you use the correct grammar.

The first thing is that “this” is singular and “these” is plural, and the second thing is that uncountable nouns don’t use plural pronouns at all.

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