That’s my Jam: Meaning Explained (Is It Only for Songs?)

Have you ever heard someone comment on something by saying “That’s My Jam”, and wondered what exactly they meant by those words?

We want to know what “That’s My Jam” means, when it’s appropriate to use this phrase, and where it came from.

What Does “That’s My Jam” Mean?

“That’s My Jam” is a casual, fun way to express what is your personal preference. Originally, it was used to indicate musical preferences only, because “Jam” is a word from the musical world. However, with time it became a phrase you can use to express any personal preference you have.

that's my jam meaning

Take a look at some examples:

  • My Dad’s barbecue is my jam.
  • My jam is whatever makes you happy, baby.
  • Soft acoustic while commuting is certainly my jam.

“That’s My Jam” is an alternate way to say “this is what I like”, “this is my favorite thing”, or “this is what I prefer”. The examples in the sentences show that with clarity, even when in the second sentence the subject says their jam is to make the other person happy.

Keep in mind that “That’s My Jam” is very casual and informal. You should avoid using it in groups or settings that are formal or where you’re not very comfortable.

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Can “That’s My Jam” Only Be Used for Songs?

Not really. Originally, it was only possible to use “That’s My Jam” to express someone’s musical preferences. But with time people started to use “That’s My Jam” to express any kind of personal preference they have, in a fun and relaxed way.

How to Use “That’s My Jam” in a Sentence

Use “That’s My Jam” as a response to an invitation or comment about something that people enjoy or are planning to do. Keep in mind that “That’s My Jam” conveys your personal preference, what’s it that you like the most. Use it when that’s the response you intend to give.

  1. Can you raise the volume? This song is my jam!
  2. Pepperoni is my jam! Thank you so much for the pizza.
  3. Soccer on the weekends is Luke’s jam.
  4. Spa day, while the kids are at Grandma’s? That’s my jam!
  5. You don’t seem to be enjoying yourself. What’s your jam?
  6. Staying out late isn’t Jenna’s jam. She’s more a stay home, sleep early kind of person.

“That’s My Jam” is a way of saying that you like something and would love to have it, or participate in it. Don’t use this phrase if you aren’t truly into the things that are being commented on.

Also, remember that you don’t need to use it only for songs or music. You can use it to express all sorts of personal preferences.

Last but not least, don’t use this phrase in formal settings. “That’s My Jam” is very casual and should only be used around people you’re very close with. Avoid using this expression in professional or formal settings.

How Popular Is “That’s My Jam”

How popular is the phrase “That’s My Jam? Let’s take a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below to find out.

that's my jam usage

“That’s My Jam” popped up in the mid-1990s and has been increasing in usage ever since. We believe that as it took on a broader meaning and started to be used outside of the music world, to indicate all sorts of preferences, it became a staple in casual communications.

Currently, the phrase is very popular and you can use “That’s My Jam” to express that you like something a lot, to the point it’s one of your favorite things.

“That’s My Jam” – Synonyms

“That’s My Jam” is casual and informal. Consequently, it should be avoided in settings that require a more formal, or polished speech. For those occasions, to avoid sounding off, here are some synonyms that can help you convey the same message:

  • My song
  • My favorite song
  • I enjoy
  • That’s so much fun
  • I love this

Final Thoughts

“That’s My Jam” is a fun, casual way to indicate what your personal preference is or how much you like something. It originated to share song and music preferences, but over time it became quite common to use it for anything you’d like to share that you enjoy.