“Tall glass of water”: Meaning & alternatives + 6 example sentences

It can be said that idioms by their very nature, tend to break logical rules or grammar. For the idioms that break the rule of grammar, these phrases are accepted by usage simply because, it is something that has always being said. Phrases like “Your Tall glass of water” don’t make any grammatical sense, however, it has grown in its meaning. Now, let’s discover what “Your Tall glass of water” really means.

What does “Tall glass of water” mean?

“Tall glass of water” is a colloquial expression which is used to define someone that is attractive and tall. While it is generally used to describe men, it can also be applied to women. Most times, “a tall glass of water” is used to simply describe a tall person, regardless of if they are seen as attractive or not.

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Where does “Tall glass of water” originate from?

The origin of “Tall glass of water” is somewhere in the southern part of the United States. In that region, the weather tends to get particularly scorching hot. There was a time when clean, potable water wasn’t easily available. This coupled with the fact that times were difficult, and people were required to work extremely hard in order to make ends meet. This hard work coupled with the water made individuals generally thirsty. This thirst meant that a tall glass of water became the most appealing item in the world. If you have ever needed a glass of water after a hot day, you can understand just how happy you would be if you got it. Hence, when someone is described as a “Tall glass of water” it means that they are extremely attractive, so much so that they could satisfy your thirst if you happen to be in a desert.

3 examples of how to use “Tall glass of water” in a sentence

You should note that “Tall glass of water” is extremely informal. If you were to use it in a formal setting, such as a workplace, you can come across as a little creepy. Additionally, you could get reprimanded from your workplace’s HR Department because you have been accused of sexual harassment. At no point should you use this expression on people you aren’t close to or a stranger.

Rather, you should only use “Tall glass of water” with close acquaintances and friends.

Using “Tall glass of water” to depict an attractive person

“Have you seen that new student? He is definitely a tall glass of water”

“ I always thought she was quite attractive. Nothing was like the first moment I set my eyes on her. Seeing her, I couldn’t help but let out that she was a tall glass of water”.

Using “Tall glass of water” to talk about someone quite tall

This instance and meaning of “Tall glass of water” can be traced to Scotland and not the US. It was in 1887, when Scots referred to tall individuals as lang drink. This literally meant long drink, which in turn metamorphosed into “Tall glass of water”

“Can’t believe little Andy grew up to be a tall glass of water”

“He came back from summer camp a tall glass of water”

Using “Tall glass of water” as an endearment to someone you are close to

This instance, deals less with how the person in question looks and more about how close you are to them. “Tall glass of water” can be used as a term of endearment. For example,

“Hey you tall glass of water. How are you today?”

“Alright then, I see you. Looking like a tall glass of water”

Alternatives to saying “Tall glass of water”

“Pretty as a picture”

“Pretty as a picture” is an idiom used to highlight just how attractive someone is. When you use “Pretty as a picture” you are saying they are quite attract and perfect just like a picture is. For example,

“I noticed her the moment she walked into the room. Looking pretty as a picture”

“The moment when I laid eyes on her, looking pretty as a picture, I knew she was the one”

“Cute as a bug”

“Cute as a bug” is used to refer to someone that is adorable. For instance you could say “That baby is cute as a bug”

“Easy on the eye”

“Easy on the eye” means that the person you are talking about is extremely attractive. It means that same thing as a “Tall glass of water” would mean in this instance. For example, you could say something like

“I noticed her the moment she walked into the room. She is quite easy on the eye”

“The moment when I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one. It does help that she is very easy on the eye”