“Sultry voice” meaning: 5 examples of how to use the term “sultry voice”

Have you ever been flirting with someone when suddenly, they tell you that you have a “sultry voice”. For some, this compliment might seem odd. But today, I want to write about what a sultry voice is, why people like it, and even how you can get one.

What is a Sultry Voice?

Objectively, there is no such thing as a “sultry” voice. However, when someone tells you that you have a “sultry voice”, they are saying they find your voice attractive or sexy. Usually, they will be attracted to how deep and commanding it is.

But because it’s subjective, what one person considers sultry, another may think of it as annoying or smoky.

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Why women like a sultry voice

Generally speaking, women tend to like deeper voices. People with deep voices will usually be stronger than men with higher pitches. This convinces women that they would make better sexual partners. They’ll be more likely to protect them and the children from predators and be better at hunting.

It’s also a sign of dominance. Having a dominant man is appealing to women. They will be more likely to create a more secure home structure where children can grow up safely and stay out of trouble.

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Not all women like a sultry voice

But of course, not all women are the same. Whilst some might love a deep voice, other women will hear these voices and think that they are just too intimidating and stupid.

Not all women want a man who will be able to “protect them”; many of them are more after someone who is more gentle and caring. So, men who have a voice that other women will consider “sultry” will have a voice that other women will be repulsed by.

Even though there are evolutionary reasons for women preferring a particular type of voice, that does not mean a voice that some women will enjoy will be enjoyed by all.

Benefits of having a sultry voice

Of course, there are more benefits to have a sultry voice than simply dating. When you speak in a way that makes you sound older and more mature, people will be more likely to listen to what you have to say and take you seriously.

Even if you hardly know anything about a topic, people will be more likely to believe you know what you’re talking about when you speak about it in a sultry voice.

Attractive people tend to be more successful than ugly people (I’m sorry, but it’s true). And having an attractive voice is part of being attractive.

Potenital careers for people with a sultry voice

If you happen to have a sultry voice, here are some of the industries you might think about going into.

As a voice actor, your job will be to pretend to be compelling and fun characters on radio dramas. Even if you’re not the best looking, it doesn’t matter!

Not everybody has the time to read all the books they want to, so they rely on audiobooks. Audiobook narrators need to have a voice people will enjoy listening to.

Radio presenters have the job of introducing the songs that are about to be played. They will need a voice that stops people from switching the channel.

People with a sultry voice

There is more than one type of voice people might consider sultry. Here are some famous people who have been described as having a sultry voice.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Whether you know him from Sherlock or Dr Strange, Cumberbatch has a super distinctive British voice that has allowed him to always play intelligent characters.

Micheal Clark Duncan

Best known for his role in “The Green Mile”, Duncan has a deep and soothing voice.

Chris Hemsworth

When he’s not playing Thor, Hemsworth has an Aussie voice that makes him sound both masculine and fun.

Examples of how to use “sultry voice”

She is perhaps best known for her raspy, sultry voice and spunky personality.”

“This edition focuses on the airy, sultry and captivating voice of mezzo-soprano Audrey Howitt.”

“Lass with the golden voice could easily be used to describe Sanaipei Tande a.k.a Sana who built a career in music and radio on her sultry voice. “

A year later, the song featuring Gayle’s sultry voice helped her earn a grammy”.

Armed with only an old telecaster and her sultry voice, Katie Malco has toured extensively with the likes of Julien Baker.”

Alternatives to “sultry voice”

Of course, “sultry” is not the only word people might use to tell you they like your voice. They may use more sexual terms such as “sexy, erotic, or passionate”.

In less sexual flirtation, people may be more likely to describe your voice with words such as “deep, masculine, or powerful”.

And in more formal compliment giving situations, you might say that someone’s voice is “easy on the ears”.

But, most of the time, they’ll just tell you that they like or voice or that you have a pleasant voice.

How to get a sultry voice

If you want to get a sultry voice, the first step is to be born with the right genetics. If you didn’t manage that, there are exercises you can do to deepen your voice.

For example, you may want to try humming while holding your breath to strengthen your vocal cords. You could also try lifting weights to increase the amount of testosterone your body creates.

Suppose you want to learn more about how to get a more sultry voice. In that case, hundreds of videos on YouTube talk about how to get a voice that women are more likely to be attracted to.


When someone tells you that you have a “sultry voice”, it just means that you have a voice they find to be attractive. Still, it’s a subjective term, so just because one person likes your voice, that does not mean everyone else will.

Having a sultry voice can help with dating, but it can also make you sound like someone who people would be wise to listen to. Should you have a voice that many people like, you might want to think about going into voice acting, audiobooks, or radio presenting.

Hopefully, now, you’ll have a better idea of what people are talking about when they’re trying to flirt with you.