Sugma – What is it?

With the rise of the internet and social media, new words have been finding their way into our lexicon quicker more commonly.

One such example is Sugma. This might sound like a terrible disease, but it’s actually not. Whilst it can be a disease that can only be caught by people who play “Fortnite” it’s also a run-up to a pun.

Doctor: I’m afraid you have Sugma

You: Sugma?

Doctor: Sugma Nuts!

Another awful disease related to Sugma is Ligma: Ligma Balls!

This isn’t going to be the most mature article you’ll read today. Still, I think it’s good for us to understand the impact of comedy and social media on our everyday language.


Comedy is an attractive trait. It sees to be exclusive to primates. No other animals on the planet seem to have a concept of “funny”.

And because of humour, our civilisations are fun to study.

By using comedy, you’ll be opening yourself up to the world, and showing people that they don’t need to be scared about their flaws because we all have them. We should laugh at them with each other.

This can help the world to seem less scary as we won’t feel like we’re the only ones who are scared.


“Sugma Nuts” is a specific type of joke. A pun.

These are the types of jokes that cause many to roll their eyes and despair at the state of the world. A pun is when a word or phrase sounds like another word or phrase.

Let’s take this joke, for example.

“What do you call it when a cat wins a dog contest?”

“A Cat-Has-Trophy”

This works because Cat-Has-Trophy sounds like Catastrophe.

Whilst most jokes are poking fun at the world, Puns are poking fun at one aspect of the world, our language.

Sugma Jokes

“Sugma nuts “can be incorporated into many jokes. We had the example of the doctor, but you can use it in conversation.

“Friend: I don’t feel too well.

You: Have you tried taking Sugma?

Friend: What’s Sugma?

You: Sugma Nuts!”

It’s probably best if you don’t use this one on your boss.

You can also incorporate it into a knock-knock joke.

“Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Sugma who?

Sugma Nuts”

When you’re telling a joke like this, it would be wise to make sure you’re telling it to the right person. I kind of get the feeling this is the type of joke that men would find funnier than women.

But if I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments.


Another “Pun Disease” is Ligma.

This is of course, short for “Ligma Balls”- which sounds like “Lick my balls”.

Ligma is a disease that you can only catch by playing “Fortnite”. It causes you to dab and be too lit, and other weird stuff.

It came to prominence when rumours started spreading that the famous YouTuber had died of Ligma. Thankfully these rumours were untrue. I’m even sure if you can die from being too lit.

Humour or horror

There are two main reasons why you would make up a disease. Either for humour or horror.

Creating a disease to be funny will be able to make us laugh as we could picture, catching it without feeling scared.

But horror diseases do the opposite. They make us scared about catching it even if we know for a fact that we can’t.

Horror is all about building tension, making us assume that the worst is going to happen. On the other hand, humour is about relieving stress, making us feel like a weight has been taken off our shoulders.


Probably the most familiar fictional disease is Cooties. This isn’t a word that means anything, there are no symptoms. It’s just a way for the girls and boys to avoid one another, to prevent themselves from getting cooties themselves.

One of my favourites is Rohl Dahl’s “Ratititis”, where you are slowly turning into a rat.

But onto the less pleasant diseases of fiction.

MM88 is like aids, but instead of just stopping the immune system, it boosts the potency of any other disease, it comes into contact with.

MacGregor’s Syndrome is when the lungs fill with fluid making it hard to breathe. Best known for being in “Batman”.

And of course, we can’t talk about made-up illnesses without talking about “Man Flu”. A common cold, but because it’s had by a man, it’s way worse than usual.

Story Fuel

If any of my readers happen to be good at writing fiction and enjoy doing comedy, I reckon it would be fun to read a story about an outbreak of “Sugma”.

Perhaps the virus mutates so that it affects anyone who uses a screen, even if they don’t play Fortnite. And it takes over the world in the same way that Corona has.

Other Fortnite Diseases

Here is a quick list of other diseases you don’t want to get. And if you get them, you may want to stop playing Fortnite for a while.

Ligma. Ligma Balls!

Sugma. Sugma Dick!

Buffa. Buffa Dees Nuts!

Willma. Willma balls fit in yo mouth?

Kizma. Kizma Dick.

Chokoma. Chokoma C*ck!

Hopefully one day, we’ll be able to find a cure for these awful diseases. But until that day comes, we’ll all just have to limit the amount of time we play Fortnite, and try not to be too lit.

Let’s hope there’s not another Global Pandemic.


Sugma doesn’t actually exist.

It’s a made-up disease. And the joke is “Sugma? Sugma Dick!”.

This is one of the diseases that you can get if you play too much Fortnite.

At first glance, it might seem pointless and even childish, but jokes are an essential part of human culture as they bring us together and show one another we’re all flawed.

Puns are when words sound like other words. And they help us to make fun of our language and laugh at all the flaws and inconsistencies.

Although there’s plenty of real-world diseases, I don’t think we should be too dismissive of the fictional ones.