Stugots – Meaning and Origin Explained

One of my favourite things about the English language is that it’s a mixture of some of the best bits of other languages that have come together.

Sometimes, these words come over directly from immigrants. And sometimes, they’re from immigrants who have been here a while. These people will have adapted their words into our language.

One example is Stugots.

Stugots isn’t an Italian word itself, but it comes from the Italian phrase “Sto Cazzo”. And “Sto Cazzo” means “this cock”.

Although you wouldn’t say it when talking about your manhood. But rather when you’re annoyed about something.

Today, we’ll be looking at where you can use it, where it comes from, and why you should use it.


Often, when someone is saying something that you dislike, you might tell them that what they’re saying is “bullshit”.

Let’s say you’re on the phone to your insurance guy, and he tells you that they won’t be able to cover the cost of your accident. You might say to him that’s “bullshit”.

But the issue with swear words is they tend to show a lack of class and vocabulary. Instead of using the classic “bullshit”, you can instead say “stugots” which has the exact same meaning.

Jack Shit

We’ve all worked jobs where we work insanely hard, and the amount of money we get isn’t worth anywhere near as much as we give the company.

Let’s say you work in a shop. You get there early and give the place a good clean. Throughout the day, people flood in, and your bombarded and understaffed,

At the end of the day, you still get paid minimum wage.

Many people would say they got “Jack Shit”. But again, we don’t want to swear.

Instead of saying “I got jack shit”, try saying “I got stugots”. This shows you have a more advanced vocabulary.


Have you ever been angry at the world?

Have you ever been so mad that you yell out a naughty word?

I’m not judging because I would be lying if I said that I haven’t done this myself. But instead of yelling “Fuck!”. You can instead yell “Stugots”.

Let’s say your rent is due, but you won’t be getting paid for another two weeks. You don’t know where you’ll be able to get this money from, and you yell out a word to show how stressed this situation is making you.

By using “Stugots” instead of “Fuck” you’re using better words.

Ah shit

We can’t be perfect all the time. And sometimes, we do a job that we’re disappointed with. This can be talking about our working or our social lives.

Most people will mutter some kind of swear word under their breath. They’re so annoyed with themselves, they’re swearing at their own work.

But instead of saying the F-Word or the S-Word, you can say “stugots”. Just because you’re angry, that does not mean you need to reduce yourself to using inadequate and unsuitable language that makes you come across as immature.


Since this word is Italian in origin, some of you may be wondering how you should be saying it. After all, I’m sure you would all like to be pronouncing foreign words correctly.

Is it Stew-Guts, Sto-Gots?

Actually, this isn’t an Italian word. It wasn’t created by Italians, it was made by Italian Americans. Therefore you will pronounce it the way it’s spelt.

In the 20th century, New York welcomed many people from Italy. And even today, there are lots of Italian Americans living in New York.

These Italians incorporated their slang but altered it for the English speaking world.

The Italian “Sto Cazzo”, where “Stugots” comes from is pronounced “Stow Catso”.


The first time that most non-Italian Americans heard it would probably be on “The Sopranos”.

If you’re of the younger generation and you don’t know what I’m talking about, “The Sopranos” was a TV drama about the Mafia. It involved a lot of killing, money, and other cool stuff.

Because this word can be associated with the Mafia, not only is it more sophisticated than swear words, but it’s also more gangster.

It’s better to sound like a Mafia hitman than an angry teenager.

Should we use it?

Some might say that saying “Stugots” instead of the usual swear words is better. Advocates would say it shows a better grasp of language, and more varied vocabulary, as well as more control over our own speech.

But other people will argue that there is no need as we have different words to replace the swear word. Instead of “bullshit”, “Codswallop”.

Instead of “jack shit” “diddly squat.”

Instead of “Fuck”, “God Dammit”.

But I would argue that all of these words are a little bit tame, and don’t do a good enough job and show how angry we are.

Other Italian Words?

The Italians have given us plenty of other words, funnily, many of them related to food.

When something is firm but not crunchy, we might call it “Al Dente”. This is a common way to cook pasta.

If you eat outside, you might say that you’re dining “Al Fresco.”

And of course, we have the famous Italian dishes.

Pizza. Margarita. Pepperoni.

Pasta. Lasagne. Penne. Spaghetti.

Since all of these are Italian foods, it should come as no surprise to hear that the names all have their origins in Italy.

If there are any non-food related Italian words that we use, feel free to let me know.


“Stugots” can’t be translated from Italian, because it’s not an Italian word. Although it was brought over by Italians.

In Italy, “Sto Cazzo” means “this dick”. And when it was brought over to America, the Italian-Americans turned it into “Stugots”.

You can use this word in place of swear words, such as when you don’t like what someone is saying, when you’re not being paid enough, as an expression of exasperation, or a muttering.

“Stugots” is just as impactful yet more mature than swear words. And it hits the spot where other alternatives to swear words simply will not do.