Shipping address: Here’s the meaning of a “shipping address” with 9 examples

When you buy something online, you might find the website asks you for the “shipping address”. Today, we’ll look at what that means.

What is the shipping address?

The “shipping address” is the address to which a package will be shipped. It should not be confused with the billing address, which is the address of the person who is paying.

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Shipping address vs Billing address

Often when you make a purchase through the internet, you will need to give two different addresses. The first one is the shipping address. This is information for the postman, he needs to know where he will be giving the package to.

The second address is the billing address. This is where the person paying for it lives, or at least, where the banks think they live.

Although there are some exceptions, most of the time, the billing address will be the same as the shipping address. Because most people get deliveries for themselves in their house.

Shipping address isn’t always the billing address

However, there might be times when the shipping address isn’t the same as the billing address.

If you are buying a gift for somebody who doesn’t live in the same address as you.

Delivering to work
If you are at home, but making a purchase for something for your place of work.

Recently moved
If you have moved recently, but haven’t told your bank.

Sometimes, students have a bank account registered at their parent address.

Although shipping and billing addresses are usually the same, it can be helpful to know that they are not synonymous.

Shipping Address format

The format for your shipping address (or any address) depends on where you live.

In the United Kingdom.


House Number and Street.


Full Postcode

John Smith

11 Locksway Road



In the United States of America


House number and street name.



ZIP code


John Smith

3 Fifth Ave.

Boston Massachusetts


United States of America.

In China





Street name and house number






Kim Sung road 11

John Smith.

I’m gonna guess most of you reading this will live in the UK or USA. But it’s still cool to know that not everyone does addresses the same way you do.

9 examples of “shipping address”

“In the “Address Details” section at the top of this page, you can enter billing and shipping address information for the client.”

“Please provide a proper shipping address.”

“If the billing address and the shipping address are identical, click Copy>> to copy the details”

“Choose the correct shipping address by clicking on the first line of an address displayed to the left”

“The new shipping address page opens from where the customer can enter information and Checkout”

“Shipping address fields should also not be copied in two tables; if they are, they should definitely be moved to a different table”

“You can require customers to enter a shipping address in the Online shop, and you can let the shipping address show in front of the billing address.”

“If the user has a main shipping address or just one shipping address, it will be used to automatically calculate and show a prediected cost”

“The user can select a shipping address from a list of previous addresses or they can enter a new address”

Why “shipping address” matters

If you haven’t already figured it out, getting the shipping address right is crucial. If the shipping address is wrong, you will wait a long time for your parcel to arrive.

If you write your shipping address into the billing address box, when you shouldn’t, the payment might not go through.

Knowing the difference between billing and shipping address can make the whole online shopping thing much easier.

Remember, the billing address is where the bank thinks you live. Shipping address is where you want the package delivered.


And now you know that the “shipping address” is the address you want the package shipped to. It will be given to the postman, who will go to that address to deliver the package.

It’s different from the billing address, which is related to the payment. No matter who you’re delivering to, if you’re paying, the banking address is always the same.

Most of the time, billing and shipping addresses are the same. But most of the time does not mean always.