“Sharing is caring” meaning: 3 examples of how to use “Sharing is caring” in a sentence

It can be said that idioms by their very nature, tend to break logical rules or grammar. For the idioms that break the rule of grammar, these phrases are accepted by usage simply because, it is something that has always being said. A phrase such as “Sharing is caring” might not seem to make sense at face value, but it does hold an important place in our lexicon. So, what does it mean?

What does “Sharing is caring” mean?

To understand what “Sharing is caring” means, you have to understand that sharing is an act of kindness where you offer something that belongs to you to someone else simply because you believe that they might be in need. It could also be that you think it is too much for you to simply use all by yourself. That act of kindness is what “Sharing is caring” embodies.

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Where does “Sharing is caring” originate from?

“sharing is caring” is an extremely common phrase that we have amongst our lexicons. However, there are various interpretations of where it originates from. The fact is, when we share something with an individual, we equal it to caring about that person. We show them that we care and the interest we have in them is signified by sharing. Sharing in this sense is not limited solely to tangible things, as intangible things can also be shared. Things such as an idea, or a spiritual thought.

To care means to portray the emotion of empathy or sympathy, which aids us not to judge an individual’s character but rather their behaviour and how certain solutions to that individual’s problems can be had. When you share, you actually show your human side. This is done by giving up claims to that personal time inspired by feelings you may have towards another human being that might not even feel the same.

3 examples of how to use “Sharing is caring in a sentence

Using “Sharing is caring” in a sentence to show that you care about someone

Thank you again for sticking by your kind words that sharing is caring

I can say for sure that sharing is caring

I was definitely pleased that she imbibed the mantra sharing is caring

Sharing is caring, they said and yet they did not practice what they preached

In light of their overwhelming generosity, he responded “sharing is caring”.

After the experience he had just had, he was heard saying “sharing really is caring”

I believe that sharing is caring, and I care about you, so I have decided to share

The generous long for the day that the selfish become downtrodden and finally announce to the world that sharing is caring

Truly, I feel loved that you have decided to share all of this knowledge with me. Sharing really is caring.

She always said sharing is caring and she proved it

Sharing is caring, she said as she offered him half of her loaf of bread

With tears of joy in her eyes, she smiled as she heard him give some of his toys to his friend. He finally understood that sharing is caring.

Using “Sharing is caring” in a sentence

I really can’t believe that you weren’t taught that sharing is caring.

Well, that well and truly changes things, I guess the adage of sharing is caring is long gone.

Using “Sharing is caring” in a sentence

He was moved by the generosity he witnessed. He couldn’t believe that they were ready to offer all what they had to complete strangers. It could be said that sharing is caring was alive and well in this village

They say sharing is caring but I’d rather just look after number one aka me, that is all that matters.

I am humbled by the love and adulation that you have shown us over the course of these recent months. You have taught me that sharing is caring.

Thank you for showing me that sharing is caring

Sharing is caring so all that I have I give to you.

I shook my head in disbelief, here he was living his live with the mantra sharing is caring

Using “Sharing is caring” in a sentence

When you consider the relationship the luxury carmakers have amongst themselves in this century, it can be said that sharing is caring.

The movie had the founders espouse various mantras which painted a troubling dystopian picture. Some of the mantras had been twisted such as sharing is caring.

The company decided to create a new slogan that would highlight the significant shift in their approach to being a more people friendly company. The new slogan is sharing is caring.

There was just something about him that seemed off. All of a sudden, this person that I’ve known all my life to be selfish began talking about how we should all share what we have with one another. He kept saying sharing is caring in every sentence.

Did you know that the expressions sharing is caring is actually a lot older than social media or even the internet? The internet just simply made it easier for all of this information, advertising and opinions to be seamlessly shared amongst the world’s population.