See eye to eye: Meaning, synonyms & origin + 9 example sentences

What does “See eye to eye” mean?

The idiom “See eye to eye” means to come in complete agreement withor have the same views on any matter with someone else. So, when you see eye to eye with someone, you usually are of the same opinion as to the other person.

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9 examples of how to use “See eye to eye” in a sentence

  • It is hard for me to see eye to eye with Shehroze after that argument we had last summer.
  • Oftentimes, it gets difficult for us to see eye to eye with our clients; nonetheless, it is a part of our job.
  • I feel like most of you don’t see eye to eye on this management project, despite knowing how important it is for the firm.
  • You should start seeing eye to eye with people if you need to achieve something. 
  • Our history teacher never sees eye to eye with us on any matter—she always has her theories! 
  • When have you ever seen eye to eye with me? It’s always Aleesha you agree with!
  • Don’t expect me to see eye to eye with him. I will do whatever I want!
  • Ahmed and Aliza seldom see eye to eye with each other. They are always arguing about something. 
  • I have tried seeing eye to eye with him, but he is so impossible to understand.

The origin of “See eye to eye”

While the origin of most idioms is relatively new, the history of this idiom, “see eye to eye”is quite old. The first known usage was recorded in the Bible, centuries ago (probably around c. 1600).The idiom was used in a biblical passage, in Isaiah, chapter 52, verse 8 of the King James Version, when Prophet Isaiah prophesied that when the Lord is seen as one true God, then:

“Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing, for they shall see eye to eye when the Lord shall bring again Zion.”

In this verse, the expression means face to face. However, the explicit meaning of the expression also suggests that the term means to see something at the same level the other person is seeing that. When you watch something from the same level as someone else, you usually perceive things the same way.

Apart from that, other alternatives also emerged in the later times. The phrase, “eyeball to eyeball” came in usage about 200 years later. It is said that the particular phrase originated during the Korean War, for referring to coming face to face with the enemy. From this the expression “come face to face” also evolved. Although these expressions are slightly different in meaning from the original expression, they still have a close history and connection.

Synonyms for “See eye to eye”

Concur, agree, be in accord, go along with, acknowledge, accord, admit, concede, accept, approve of, endorse, unanimous, united, like-minded, harmonize, concordant, consentient, undivided, congruent, harmonious, ratify, match, correspond, amalgamated, unified, stable, share, compatible, like-minded, in agreement, well-suited, similar, alike, parallel, equivalent.

Idioms related to “See eye to eye”

  • Be of the same/like mind
  • Be of the same opinion
  • Be as one man
  • Be on the same wavelength
  • Have a rapport
  • Go along with (someone)
  • Be in agreement
  • Fall in with
  • Be on the same page
  • Chime with
  • Face to face
  • Eyeball to eyeball
  • Fall/get/come into like
  • Side with
  • Be in/out of tune with
  • Sing from the same hymn book/sheet
  • Speak/talk the same language
  • Speak with one voice
  • String along
  • Think as one
  • Get on
  • Be in harmony
  • See things the same way
  • Give someone or something the nod
  • See through someone’s eyes