“Put It Down on Me” – True Meaning of the Slang Term (Song)

“Put it down on me” is a slang phrase that seems to get a bit of popular usage in music. You won’t often hear native speakers using this in many situations, but there are some famous songs that are worth talking about. This article will explain the meaning behind it.

What Does “Put It Down on Me” Mean?

“Put it down on me” has two main meanings. The first comes from putting the bill toward you. If you’re out at a club or a party, you might say, “put it down on me” to pay for other people’s drinks. It can relate to a romantic relationship with somebody.

put it down on me meaning

Generally, “down on me” means that someone is in a romantic or sexual relationship with someone else. It means that they are enjoying themselves in the bedroom.

You can also use it to show that you want the bill to be “put down on you.” In this case, it implies that you’re happy to pay for most of the people’s drinks at your party or group.

As we’ve stated already, it’s not common for native speakers to use this phrase. It’s just something that has appeared a few times in music, so it’s worth knowing what it means in case you ever come across the songs that use it.

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“Down on Me” By Jeremih

“Down on me” is a song by Jeremih that features both of the meanings of the phrase. The phrase comes with a dual meaning, where it’s first used to refer to him paying the bill and then gets used to refer to getting to know a girl better.

If you want to know the specific lyrics that relate to this, you can refer to the following:

  • We’ll buy another round and it’s all on me
  • As long as I’m around put it down on me

In this case, Jeremih uses “put it down on me” to show that he will foot the bill. He has made it clear that he wants to pay for the next “round” of drinks that he gets in with his friends.

This isn’t a common phrase to use, but it can work well in a song like this when you’re showing that you’re a generous and fun-loving soul.

The second meaning has a few sexual connotations. In the same song, you can see it as follows:

  • Girl all I really want is you down on me
  • Put it down on me

Here, the implication is much more sexual. Jeremih is saying this because he wants the girl to go “down on him.” This means that he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level or get to know her a bit better.

“Put it down on me” in the second line is almost used as a command or order. It shows that Jeremih knows what he wants out of this engagement.

“Down on Me” By Janis Joplin

“Down on me” is also a song by Janis Joplin. This song actually features an entirely different meaning to the phrase that’s worth mentioning. It has no sexual connotations behind it. Instead, it relates to people in Joplin’s life looking down on her.

In Joplin’s song, the phrase is shown as follows:

  • Looks like everybody in this whole round world
  • They’re down on me.

She refers to everybody in the world as being “down on her.” Naturally, this wouldn’t make sense if you were following the two meanings that were made clear in Jeremih’s song.

Instead, she is referring to the fact that most people look down on her. The reason she is singing this song is that she’s trying to tell people that love is the only thing that gets her through life.

It’s a good way of looking into Joplin’s outlook on life. It gives you a good idea of what she’s all about, and the theme is present in a lot of her other songs.

Final Thoughts

“Put it down on me” is not a common phrase that you’ll hear native speakers use. Nevertheless, it is occasionally used in songs and comes with a few meanings. It can relate to paying a bill, having a romantic relationship, or being looked down on by fellow men and women.