Poggers Meaning: What does “Poggers” mean?

These days, it feels as though new phrases are coming about all the time, and with the internet, they spread quicker than they’ve ever done in the past. Today, I want to talk about one word that seems to have gained a lot of traction recently.

What does “Poggers” mean?

The meaning of “Poggers” is simply just the modern way of saying “Amazing”, it comes from the website “Twitch” and has since grown in popularity.

Today, I want to talk about where it comes from, why it’s caught on, and whether or not it will last. By the end of this article, not only will you know what “poggers” means, you’ll learn everything worth knowing about it.

Poggers’ Origin on Twitch

The term “Poggers” was created on the gaming/streaming website “twitch”, which we’ll talk about later.

Originally, an Emoticon with Pepe the frog was available to send on the website. However, at first, it was just a blank expression. It wasn’t until people looked at the picture and decided that he would be saying “poggers” that it really caught on.

First, to see the picture, you would have needed to download an extension that enabled you to send and receive emoticons. However, most people on Twitch are the type of people who are more than happy to download extensions.

What is Twitch?

Some of the older folk reading this might be wondering what Twitch is, don’t worry, I was one of you too.

Twitch is interesting as it combines the idea of “live streaming” with “social media”. The idea behind it is that you can play a video game, and have people watch you, and comment on you while you do it.

Because gaming is so popular, it makes sense that a website is dedicated to people who enjoy playing them and wish to share their passion with others.

The Evolution of watching others play video games

Before the days of the internet, the closest we had to “live streaming” would be to go round to our friend’s house, and watch them play a video game until it was our turn. That all changed thanks to YouTube, a website dedicated to video sharing.

At first, YouTube was all about cat videos, then vlogs and video games became popular. The biggest of them all was none other than PewDiePie. But recently, YouTube has become dominated by TV networks, and the small creators have taken to other platforms.

Twitch, unlike YouTube, was designed specifically for gamers.

Pepe the frog: He is the one saying “Poggers”

Who is Pepe?

Pepe is a frog. A new character who has managed to hit the headlines plenty of times since his creation. But despite his recent popularity, he was created as far back as 2005.

Artist Matt Furie created a surreal comicbook called “Boy’s Club”. It was about a group of anthropomorphised animals who all lived in a flat together. It wasn’t until someone put a picture of the frog on 4Chan that it took off, and became the symbol of modern culture that we know it to be.

When Matt created Pepe, he intended him to be a chilled out frog, who was oblivious to the world, but happy nonetheless.

Other famous frogs

For one reason or another, frogs have always been a popular part of our culture. Even before TV was a thing, one of the most popular stories was “The Princess and the Frog”. The story where she kissed a frog, and he became a human.

The first TV frog would probably be Michigan J Frog from Looney Tunes, but the most famous is without a doubt, Kermit the Frog.

Other popular frogs include Frog Thor and Crazy Frog.

The only reason I can think of for this popularity is how friendly-looking and non-threatening frogs look.


Although Matt created Pepe with the best intentions, he could never have predicted what his beloved frog would become.

When the racists and white nationalists got hold of Pepe, they decided to turn him into a symbol of their own. When the artist found out about this, it’s safe to say that he was not happy. But no matter how hard he tried to reclaim the frog, the racists simply refused to give him up, and he decided the best thing to do would be to kill the frog.

Today, Pepe is recognised as a symbol of hate.

Racism in online gaming

It’s a big problem

For a while now, there have been several issues related to racism in the gaming community. There are likely two main reasons for this.

The first one is that most gamers are young males, and even with the best of intentions, when they get in a group, they can say things that they wouldn’t say otherwise. It also has become a free space for people to spout their nasty views without consequence.

Because of the anonymity that gaming can give, people will throw the N-word around like it means nothing.

In defence of gamers

But I want to defend gamers for a second. Yes, there are undoubtedly some gamers with some less than pleasant views. However, the vast majority of them would never dream of holding such nasty views.

At the end of the day, you get good people and bad people in all communities, it’s not fair to single one out and claim that all of its members are bad people.

Plus, if we focus too much on the 15-year-olds using the N-word to be edgy, we focus less on the people who actually hold these nasty views.

The Evolution of “Amazing”

“Amazing” is a term that every generation has a different word for. Of course, I could probably write a book on what other cultures and time zones used, but for the sake of time, I won’t go further than the 1920s.

During these times, the term “bees knees” became very popular- for some reason. In the 1940s, a word that’s still used today was created “cool”.

When the swinging 60s came about, the term “groovy” became popular, and in the 80s, it was replaced by “Wicked”.

The 90s was a confusing time, “phat” meant “good”, but also “bad” meant good. In the early 2000s, “sweet” was the word to use, and then, during the 2010s, we started using the term “swag”.

Why does it keep changing?

We already have the word “Amazing” so is there really any need to keep on replacing it, and having a new word replace it all the time?

There isn’t a need, but there is a strong want. As social animals, we will want to try and blend in with our peers, and a large part of this is using the type of language that has become common.

As I’m sure you can all agree, our parents are not “cool” anymore, and we can’t continue using the same slang as them. Plus, it’s just natural for languages to change over time.

Why is “Poggers” so popular?

The term “poggers” sounds like a nonsense word that makes no sense, begging the question, why has it become so popular?

“Poggers” has become popular because it’s a nonsense word that makes no sense!

There is no deep meaning behind it, the reason for the word’s existence is that it sounds fun, it’s the kind of word that pops out at you, and anyone who hasn’t been told what it means would be unlikely to guess.

Sometimes, words exist for no other reason than because they sound cool.

When you should say “Poggers”

Usually, you would say “poggers” when you’re in a good mood because something good has happened. For example, when my wife’s boyfriend lets me stay up for 10 minutes past my bedtime, I can’t help but give out a loud “poggers at his kindness”.

I’ve also heard about this thing called “sex”. Apparently, after that is a good time for you to use the phrase.

It will also be appropriate to yell “poggers” if you happen to be lucky enough to win the lottery and end up becoming more affluent than you were before.

Meme Culture


The term “meme” has been around since 1976 when it was created by scientist Richard Dawkins. It wasn’t until they started going on the internet that they really took off.

At first, memes were in the classic picture with sizable white text format. However, today, the term “meme” has just come to mean “something funny which has spread online”, it could be a picture, an idea, a song, or anything else.

Two sites that have become a hotbed for memes are Twitter and Tik Tok, these websites are mostly used by younger folk who share a similar sense of humour.


Memes, as you have noticed, have become incredibly popular. It seems you can hardly turn on your phone without being reminded about what is at the height of comedy today.

The meme has altered our sense of humour. When you watch a comedy movie or a stand-up, there is usually a punch line or something that makes it clear you should be laughing. The meme finds humour in the absurd and meaningless.

There is no reason why memes are funny, they just are!

Meme comedy is a way of mocking how we traditionally approach topics such as what is funny.


Even though meme culture has been growing for a while now, there is no denying that the year 2020 caused it to speed up. A big part of this is the lockdown caused by the CoronaVirus.

Instead of going out to work or school, we have been trapped inside, which means more time to spend on memes. The reason why memes are so popular today is that they allow us to share in the pain that we’re all going through thanks to the global pandemic.

Here’s why “Poggers” is funny among Generation Z

When you look at the young folk (or Gen Z as they like to be called), something it’s impossible to notice is the complete sense of absurdism that they love. The jokes they like have very little thought, and a lot of the time, no punchline. For older folk, their sense of humour seems odd.

Most Gen Z jokes are short, often less than 10 seconds, which is why they can get through so many in one sitting.

Of course, comedy changes all the time, but this does seem to be the first time in history where comedy is super short, and almost always lacking a punchline.

Why is this?

But let’s try and understand the youngsters. Why is there such a strong sense of absurdity in their comedy?

A big part of it is that having grown up with social media, the attention span is usually pretty short. Anything that lasts more than 2 minutes of video, or 20 seconds of reading will be too long, and they’ll get bored quickly.

Another aspect, also related to social media, is that it’s no longer TV executives who decide what’s funny. It’s us, the regular folk.

On top of that, the increased sense of Nihilism is also rampant. Many of them are working meaningless jobs, and mental health is a common struggle.

Will “Poggers” stay popular?

The short answer, no.

As we’ve already mentioned, slang goes in and out of fashion all the time. Phrases we used when we were younger, even you have forgotten about. But that’s okay because evolution is just how languages work. Some words stay, and stop being slang, other words fade into nothing.

When Gen Z becomes our age, their kids will think that the term “poggers” is super old fashioned.


“Poggers” is just the modern way of saying “Amazing” or “Fantastic”, it comes from the gaming channel “Twitch”. Because of meme culture, the lockdown, and the absurdism of modern humour, it has spread like wildfire has now become part of our colloquial lexicon.

It started off as words that went well with a picture of a frog who has since become a symbol of white supremacy.

The “cool” word for “Amazing” has always been changing, in the future, it will be something new, and you will get to read another one of my articles.

The term “poggers” has shown how quickly even the most strange things can spread through the internet.

I hope now, you don’t just know what it means, but you also know where it comes from and why it exists.