Out of the blue: Meaning, synonyms & origin + 9 example sentences

What does “Out of the blue” mean?

“Out of the blue” means to face or encounter something unanticipated. The idiom means something unusual came across or experienced. This phrase is used to point something about which you had not any idea or belief. The idiom has the connotative meaning related to something which is unbelievable or unpredicted. Unusual results, astonishing and horrifying.

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9 examples of how to use “Out of the blue” in a sentence

  • We were traveling on the national highway last night; out of the blue, a leopard came in front of our truck.
  • I was in deep love with her; out of the blue I received a message from her that she was marrying another guy!
  • Everyone around the globe was enjoying their lives but out of the blue, Covid-19 broke out.
  • We were laughing and enjoying with our friends in the classroom, out of the blue teacher arrived.
  • During their voyage, out of the blue a shark jumped into their ship due to which everyone started screaming loudly.
  • Out of the blue my dog died, after that I am planning to buy a new pet; what would you suggest me?
  • When I was a soldier, I remember that once we were in a battle field and out of the blue enemies started shelling on our camps.
  • I remember the old days before the pandemic but out of the blue everything has been changed and still it’s pandemic throughout the world!
  • I was preparing myself for the conference but out of the blue, I received a phone call from my supervisor.

The origin of “Out of the blue”

The origin of this phrase has its roots related with another old idiom. “Out of the blue” has been emerged from “a bolt out of the blue”. The meaning of the idiom “a bolt out of the blue” is something unexpected or unpredicted, like a bolt of lightning struck through a bright blue sunshine sky. During our daily routines, whenever we came across an unexpected situation or results; we refer it as “out of the blue” as if a bolt of lightning strikes a blue sky and then vanishes. Therefore, we use this phrase for something unexpected, unusual or something which came across us suddenly. “A bolt out of the blue” has been shortened and modified into “out of the blue” with the flux of time.

According to some other sources, the idiom has been originated from the idiom “Out of the blue sky”. The colour blue is associated with a bright blue sky. If the atmosphere is bright blue, a thunderstorm is impossible to arise. When it occurs, we are taken aback because it is sudden. This illustrates the idiom’s “relation” to “blue.”

Synonyms for “Out of the blue”

Unexpected, suddenly, unbelievable, unprecedented, unusual,

Idioms related to “Out of the blue”

  • Expect the unexpected
  • The unexpected always happens
  • Pennies from heaven
  • A bolt from the blue
  • Caught unawares
  • Drop a bombshell
  • Eyes on stalks
  • Knock your socks off
  • Knock down with a feather
  • Jump out of one’s skin