Is It “On The Inside” or “In The Inside”? (Correct Version)

When you’re clarifying the location of something, should you say it’s “On the inside” of an object? Or would you instead say it’s “In the inside” of something? This is a common preposition confusion, and one that this article will clear up. Using examples, you will know the right answer.

Is It “On The Inside” Or “In The Inside”?

You should use “On the inside” and not “In the inside”. While “In the inside” is an obvious misspelling, it’s a mistaken use of prepositions, and it’s redundant. “On the inside” is the correct expression to use instead, as it flows significantly better and leaves no room for confusion.

“On The Inside” or “In The Inside”

It’s understandable to think that “In the inside” makes more sense as opposed to “On the inside”. After all, “Inside” is a word that includes the preposition “In” in the first place.

However, this is incorrect, and “On the inside” should be used instead. “On” is the preposition used to express that something is on a “side” of something. Therefore, “On the inside” is the correct expression.

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Is “In The Inside” Incorrect?

Yes, “In the inside” is grammatically incorrect. This is because the preposition “In” is already included in the word “Inside”. Therefore, “In the inside” is a redundant expression to use, and should be avoided. Instead, one should just use “On the inside” or, in some specific cases, just “Inside”.

Indeed, when you’re talking about the location and placement of a specific object, “On” is the correct preposition to use.

Therefore, even if it seems odd at first glance, “On the inside” is the correct expression over “In the inside”.

According to the Google Ngram Viewer, “On the inside” sees an immense amount of use, particularly when compared to the minimal use that “In the inside” gets.

“On The Inside” or “In The Inside” english usage

Since the year 1900, “On the inside” has consistently seen significantly more use than “In the inside”. There has not been a single point in history in which they have been close in use at all.

This makes sense with the fact that “In the inside” is redundant and not generally used, while “On the inside” is a perfectly working way of referring to the location of an object.

An interesting fact is that from 1914 to 1970 the use of “On the inside” decreased somewhat, at which point it stabilized. This lasted for a few years, and then in 1995 it started increasing again.

What Does “On The Inside” Mean?

“On the inside” is the correct way to refer to the placement or location of an object or thing. It’s the way to express that one thing is contained within a different thing, meaning that it is inside of it.

Though you use “Inside” which contains the word “In”, the preposition to use is “On” because it’s the preposition you use for similar phrases such as “On the left side”, “On the right side”, “On the upside” and “On the downside”.

Examples Of How To Use “On The Inside” And “In The Inside” In A Sentence

Here are some sentences that will showcase how to express the location of an object correctly (using “On the inside”) and examples that will showcase the incorrect expression of that location (with “In the inside” instead):

  • Correct: My phone is on the inside of that drawer over by the sofa.
  • Incorrect: She left her keys in the inside of the refrigerator door for some reason.
  • Correct: On the inside of that book is a bookmark that I’ve treasured for more than forty years.
  • Incorrect: In the inside of my trunk there’s a crowbar and a wrench that I use for my job.
  • Correct: If I’m not mistaken then your keycard should still be on the inside of my wallet.
  • Incorrect: In the inside of my bed there are several cases containing my emergency funds.
  • Correct: On the inside of that game console you will find the cartridge for the latest video game.
  • Incorrect: In the inside of that flap you will find my old recipe for my grandmother’s favorite dish.

“On The Inside” – Synonyms

Here are some equivalent expressions for “On the inside”:

  • Inside
  • Within
  • On the interior
  • Internally
  • Inward

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