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Nobody Like or Nobody Likes - Which Is Correct?

Nobody Like or Nobody Likes – Which Is Correct?

You already know that “nobody like” and “nobody likes” appear in written contexts. But did you know there are differences between them?

It’s worth knowing which is correct before using them.

This article will help you understand the key differences.

Nobody Like or Nobody Likes – Which Is Correct?

“Nobody like” is a comparative phrase. It means that nobody acts or does things like someone else (i.e., “there is nobody like me”). “Nobody likes” means that no one enjoys doing something (i.e., “nobody likes him”). They are not interchangeable.

Here are some examples to help you with it:

  • There is nobody like Jim. He’s one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met.
  • Nobody likes you because you always act out. You should stop being so cruel.

Keep reading to learn more about the different phrases. We’ve explained everything you need to know before using them correctly in your writing.

Nobody Like

You can use “nobody like” to compare people. It shows that no one matches someone’s qualities or character traits.

For instance:

  • There is nobody like Sarah. She’s one of those unique types that you will only meet once in your life.
  • I think there’s nobody like you out there. You’re one of a kind.

You can use “like” as a comparative preposition. It allows you to compare people (as “nobody” always refers to people).

Similar rules apply when using “no one.” “No one” refers to people and allows you to compare them. For example:

  • There is no one like her. I don’t want to settle for anyone else.

Nobody Likes

“Nobody likes” uses “like” as a verb. It shows that people dislike someone or don’t enjoy doing something.

Since “likes” is a verb here, you can use the phrase to refer to people or objects. For instance, “nobody likes him” refers to one person. “Nobody likes that” refers to an action or object.

Here are a few examples to help you understand it:

  • Nobody likes coming to my parties anymore. So, I’ve decided to stop hosting them.
  • Nobody likes her. She’s too much for them to take. I feel a bit bad about it, though.


“Nobody like” uses “like” as a preposition. It shows that someone has unique character traits or qualities. It allows you to compare them to other people.

“Nobody likes” uses “likes” as a verb. It shows that people don’t enjoy doing things or dislike someone in particular.