Is “No Matter Whether” Correct? (Helpful Examples)

Have you ever heard the phrase “No Matter Whether” and wondered what it meant? It sounds complicated, but we want to know if it’s correct and what it means.

Also, we want to know if there are easier forms to convey the same message and how to properly use it.

Is “No Matter Whether” Correct?

“No Matter Whether” is the combination of two forms, “No Matter” and “Whether”. “No Matter” means regardless of, and “Whether” expresses doubt between two alternatives. “No Matter Whether” indicates that regardless of any doubt between alternatives, a fact stands. Although it’s an uncommon form, it’s still grammatically correct.

no matter whether correct

Take a look at the examples:

  • No matter whether it rains, we still have to go out and get groceries.
  • No matter if it rains, we still have to go out and get groceries.
  • We still have to go out and get groceries, even if it rains.

The first sentence in the examples shows the form “No Matter Whether” in use. It’s grammatically correct and acceptable, despite sounding too formal for some people.

The other sentences bring alternatives to the “No Matter Whether” phrase. The second sentence uses “No Matter If”, which simplifies the use of “Whether”. And the third sentence uses “Even If”, which simplifies everything even more.

This is just to show that if you don’t want to sound over-polished or if your conversation is very casual, there are other ways to convey the same meaning as “No Matter Whether”, using different expressions that may sound easier.

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What Does “No Matter Whether” Mean?

“No Matter Whether” means despite the options available, or regardless of what the choices are something still needs to be done or is still valid. It sounds complicated because it’s a formal phrase not used very often. But it’s grammatically correct and acceptable.

Let’s take a look at some examples that may help clarify this idea:

  1. No matter whether he shows up, the party will still be fun.
  2. We should watch that movie, no matter whether we do it at home or in a theater.
  3. The manual should help you, no matter whether you have a newer or older model.
  4. No matter whether you’re 16 or 76, you should always be watching your physical health.
  5. I know the painting will be incredible, no matter whether you end up using acrylics or oils.

“No Matter Whether” indicates that some facts will not vary, even if your options or choices differ. Take a look at sentence 1: it states that a person might not show up to a party and that it makes no difference because the party will be fun regardless.

The same idea is easily found in sentence 4: no matter your age, everybody should take care of their physical health.

How Popular Is “No Matter Whether”?

How popular is the phrase “No Matter Whether”? Let’s find out by looking at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below.

no matter whether usage

“No Matter Whether” is not as popular as it used to be before. Looking at the graph, we can see that this phrase peaked in popularity around 1910, a very long time ago. Since then, it’s been slowly (but surely) dropping in use as the decades go by.

Still, we can’t avoid pointing out that since the late 1990s, “No Matter Whether” has seen a slight increase in usage – which is maybe reflected in the fact that we’re looking into this phrase right now.

“No Matter Whether” – Synonyms

As we mentioned before, “No Matter Whether” is very formal. You may prefer to use a more casual or colloquial form to express the same idea, in your daily conversations.

It’s always important to keep more polished phrases and forms in our portfolios. Believe us when we say you’ll need them. But it’s also important to have easier choices, to make your conversations lighter. Take a look at some suggestions:

  • Whether or not
  • Even if
  • No matter if
  • Irrespective of
  • Regardless of
  • Disregarding
  • No matter what

Final Thoughts

“No Matter Whether” is a normal way to express that despite what happens, something remains true or needs to be done. In other words, despite the available options, a decision will still need to be made. You should use it in formal settings when a polished speech is needed.