No love lost: Meaning, synonyms & origin + 9 example sentences

What does “No love lost” mean?

“No love lost” mean two people possessing hate for each other. The idiom has the connotative meaning of having no respect, love, understanding and affection between two people. In other words, this idiom is used to highlight the enmity between two people. It is used to point a relation between two people based on hate, hostility, antagonism, prejudice and anger.

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9 examples of how to use “No love lost” in a sentence

  • Once upon a time they were very close friends, but due to some problems and misunderstandings; there is no love lost between them.
  • I remember the love bond between my father and mother, now I am grown up but I can’t feel the warmth between the relation of my father and mother; here is only no love lost between them.
  • Gone are the days when there was respect, love, care and understanding among the people; now I realize only no love lost among the people.
  • After that day, there is only no love lost between Angelina and Wajid; I wish to see them together but I know there are no chances to bring them together.
  • I don’t know whose evil eye it was which has brought only no love lost between their relations.
  • Money is the necessity of the modern world, but it cannot connect the relations based on no love lost.
  • As we know the no love lost between the two countries, I am not sure that there would be any compromise; war is the only solution.
  • There is only no love lost between the police and thieves, that’s the reason due to which the thieves try their best to trick the police.

The origin of “No love lost”

The origin of the phrase “no love lost” has a quite skeptical meaning and understanding. It has its meaning and origin related with the relation between two people either based on love or hate. In the 16th century the idiom was used to point out both the love and hate between two people or couple. One-sided love was called love lost, because if two people’s feelings, whether love or hate, were similar in strength and amount of regard, there was no love lost.

During the year 1800, the phrase “no love lost” started to apply solely to a case in which two parties or people are at odds, enmity and ill will. Following are some examples from the history:

“No love lost between Beau Scott and Cameron Smith (The Sydney Morning Herald)

As these policies are seen being facilitated, driven and implemented by the political class over the years, naturally there is today no love lost between the masses and politicians. (The Daily Post)

Mr Miroglu is himself Kurdish, but his party has no love lost for the HDP; the Kurdish group’s gains in the elections cost AK its ruling majority in parliament. (The Economist)

But as the media praises Sanders’ “socialist” credentials, socialists in the senator’s home state said there’s no love lost between them. ( )

There is no love lost between the clubs after they clashed on and off the field on the opening day of the season. (The Manchester Evening News)

For years the two men exchanged a bitter war of words in hand-written and typed correspondence, showing how there was no love lost in their bizarre relationship. (The Portsmouth News)

There will be no love lost on the side of Swansea’s hierarchy, just regret that relations with one of their most iconic signings broke down so badly. (The Daily Mail)”

Synonyms for “No love lost”

Extreme love, extreme hate, respect, relation, enmity, lack of understanding, ill will, prejudiced, unfaithful, unloyal, hostility, antagonism, opposition, animosity, antipathy, animus, lack of respect, misunderstanding.

Idioms related to “No love lost”

  • Hate someone’s guts
  • A thin line between love and hate
  • Hate breeds hate
  • Bad blood
  • Sing the blues
  • Burning bridges
  • Kicked ass
  • Up in arms
  • Bite someone’s head off
  • Eat someone alive