“Motard” demystified: Here’s what a “motard” really is

The motorcycle has to be the ultimate male fantasy. You get to race alongside the cars on the road. With the wind in your face, and nothing can hold you down. The motorbike has a stronger “badass” feel to it than any car.

What is a Motard?

Motard is a type of motorcycle where the tyres are made for racing on the street. The dual purpose motorcycle, on the other hand, can be driven off-road. This isn’t to say Motard and dual purpose are the only types of motorcycles. But they are the two that most people will want to go for.

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Why does it matter whether you get a motard or a dual purpose motorcycle

When you’re buying a motorbike, knowing what kind of bike you want cannot be more important.

You will need to know where you’ll be doing the majority of your driving, and what you’ll be using the motorbike for.

You need to think about if you’ll mainly be taking it on the country roads, or if you’ll be sticking to the main roads. You also should consider if it will be purely a method of transportation or if you intend on racing it at any point.

You’ll have to weigh up safety and speed and decide which one matters most to you.

Motard Safety

I would feel incredibly irresponsible if I were to write about motards without mentioning just how dangerous they are to ride.

These bikes can go just as fast as cars, but they’re even more dangerous. If a car crashes, you have seat belts, and four walls to protect you. But if you crash on a bike, there’s nothing to hold you down, and you can go flying.

Plus, your chances of crashing are greater as many cars will not be looking properly and be more likely to miss you.

When riding a motorcycle, you should be aware of the potential dangers and be prepared for them.

Whenever you get on your bike, be sure to be wearing full protective gear. This means being covered from head to toe in the correct clothing, and make sure to wear a good helmet.

You’ll also need to make sure you’re seen. Particularly if you’re driving at night. An effective way to do this is to wear a high vis jacket.

And finally, make sure to be super sensible and cautious. A general rule of thumb is to assume that all the car drivers around you are morons.

Why you should get a Motard

If you’re the kind of person who will be sticking to the roads. If you have no intention of taking your motorbike to the countryside or driving anywhere other than the roads, it will probably be best to have a Motard.

If you’re the type of person who likes to get where they need to in the shortest time possible, then the Motard is probably the best option.

However, you should also be aware that this option can be slightly more dangerous, so be sure to take extra precaution when riding.

Why you should get a dual purpose rather than a motard

On the other hand, some of you will prefer to take your bikes off-road. You’re not in a rush, and you don’t need to get anywhere at any particular time.

You want to enjoy your journey, and even take the time to gaze at some of the scenery around you.

If any of that describes you, then it might be worth looking into getting a dual purpose. The dual purpose is essentially the Range Rover of motorbikes.

If you’re into racing, then I’m afraid this won’t be the type of bike you want to go for as it can be slower.

What “Motard” means in France

If you were to say the word “motard” to a French person, it would mean something slightly different to them.

In France, a “motard” is a biker- someone who rides a motorcycle.

I know that this might sound like a bit of a derogatory name as it sounds a bit like “retard”, but actually, there’s nothing rude about it at all. For a French person, a “motard” has nothing at all to do with a retard.

If you were to type “biker” into a translation machine and click on “french”, it would come up as “motard”.

Should we take after the French?

There are several words we have taken from France that sound more sophisticated. For example, instead of “smell”, we might say “odor”.

Will it work if we start saying “Motard” instead of “Biker”.

I know that the term “Biker” can strike up some negative connotations, such as someone rude and aggressive. “Motard” will not have such associations.

But on the other hand, “Motard” does sound a bit like “retard” and therefore it might be too easy to misinterpret it. So I would say that it’s probably better if the French stick to “motard” and we stick to “biker”.

What “Motard” means in The Marines

However, in Marine slang, Motard is not a good thing at all.

For a Marine, “Motard” is a portmanteau of “motivation” and “retard”. It’s someone so motivated and eager they end up being somewhat annoying to the other recruits.

This type of person will get super excited at the start of every training drill, they’ll always be the one who is yelling the loudest, and they’ll do everything they can to impress their sergeants.

Although they will usually have the best of intentions, they rarely get on well with the other recruits.


When you’re looking for a motorcycle, you’ll want to find one that will work well for you.

If you intend on sticking to the roads, or you want to go racing, I would recommend a Motard.

But if you would rather go more off-road, it could be better to get a dual purpose.

Whatever kind of bike you choose to go for, just make sure you keep safe and don’t do anything stupid.

“Motard” is a type of motorcycle for most of us. But for the French, it’s a biker, and for the marines, it’s someone so motivated they’re annoying.