Moron or Moran – Which Spelling Is Correct? (Examples)

Planning on calling somebody ‘unintelligent’? Been told you are unintelligent yourself? Well, you may be wondering whether the correct spelling is moron or moran. Luckily for you, we are going to explain everything that you need to know right here.

Moron or Moran – Which Spelling Is Correct?

Assuming you are calling somebody unintelligent, then the correct spelling is always ‘moron’. While ‘moran’ is a word, it is (mostly) an Irish surname. However, it is also the name of a certain group of African tribal warriors.

moron or moran

In the past, the word ‘moron’ was used in the medical community to indicate when somebody was below a certain intelligence level. Although the word has fallen out of use in the medical community, it is now frequently used as an insult when somebody has acted in an unintelligent way e.g. moron. This means that you should only use the spelling ‘moron’ when referring to somebody who is acting in an unintelligent manner.

It is unlikely that you will ever need to use the word ‘moran’. It is an Irish surname, as well as a Masai word for a group of tribal warriors in Africa. We are positive that, in both cases, you will know enough to understand that the correct spelling is ‘moran’.

Moron and moran are not interchangeable. While they are both words, they mean completely different things.

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For most people, ‘moron’ is the correct spelling. Moron means that somebody is unintelligent. While it was originally a medical term, it fell out of use in medical circles. Nowadays, it is just used as an insult when somebody is acting in a silly way.

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of ‘moron’ is:

  • a very stupid person

Here is how to include moron in a sentence. Although, as a generic insult, we are sure that you can also find your own ways to use the word:

  1. When it came to health & safety, the worker was a moron.
  2. Anybody that drives above the speed limit is a moron.
  3. He tried to scam me, but I am no moron.
  4. After her boyfriend dumped her, she started to realize that he was a moron.
  5. You would be a moron to not go and see the latest Marvel movie!


The word ‘Moran’ is most commonly found as an Irish surname, although you may find it used in African history circles. It is a common misspelling for the word ‘moron’. Chances are that you will never need to use the word ‘moran’.

You won’t really find a definition for ‘moran’ in too many dictionaries. After all, very few dictionaries will include surnames. The second definition of the word is in the Masai language and thus won’t appear in general English dictionaries.

So, is moran a word? Well, not if you are referring to somebody who is unintelligent. The only times that you will ever see ‘moran’ being used is either as an Irish surname (including in those with Irish heritage), or as a Masai word, generally in history books. You are unlikely to ever need to use ‘moran’ in your day-to-day speak.

Because moran is not a word that you will often use, we are unable to provide examples of how to use moran in a sentence. As a name, it really can fit into a whole host of different sentences.

Which Is Used The Most?

According to Google Ngram Viewer, it is the word ‘moron’ that gets the most use. Significantly more use, in fact. This is understandable, simply because nowadays you are only ever going to see the word ‘moran’ used as a surname. We can’t imagine that there are too many people writing in Masai, let alone about ancient African warriors.

moron or moran usage

Interestingly, the Google Ngram Viewer does show the history of how moron is being used too. If you look, you are able to see the change between when the word was being used in the medical profession, a small dip, and then when it started to be used as a generic insult instead. There are very few words that have gone through this sort of change.

Final Thoughts

When referring to somebody as unintelligent, perhaps as an insult, then the correct spelling is ‘moron’. While ‘moran’ is a word, it is normally just the last name for a person and, in rare cases, the name of a warrior tribe in Africa.