More Is More – Meaning & Example Sentences

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “more is more”, it may have sounded a little odd to you. What exactly does that even mean? It sounds somewhat redundant, doesn’t it? In this post, we’ll talk about what “more is more” means.

What Does “More Is More” Mean?

“More is more” is an idiom that means the opposite of “less is more”. Instead of the notion that something is better or more efficient when done with less of something, “more is more” states that things are better when done with more excess, force, scale, etc.

more is more meaning

Basically, “more is more” is just a way to say that the more of something there is, the better it is. For instance, someone might see a mansion, a yacht, and a private jet, and see it as unnecessary. They might say “less is more”, implying that having less would be better.

Someone else might see all of those things and feel like life would be even better if they also owned a helicopter and a private island. That person would likely say “more is more”. The saying is about the notion that having more of something is always better, regardless of what that something is.

  • I know I’ve already bought six cars, but why not buy four more? More is more!
  • I may have ten billion dollars already, but I still want to make more profit. More is more, after all.

In What Situations Can You Use “More Is More”?

You can use “more is more” in any situation where you are saying that having more of something is more desirable than having less of it. Think of the phrase “less is more”, but in reverse. If you believe that you can never have enough of something, you could also say “more is more” in that situation.

Basically, any time you want to say that “more is better”, you can say “more is more”.

Incorrect Ways to Use “More Is More”

“More is more” is not a phrase that should be used literally. For instance, if you were trying to say that having more of something leads to a larger sum, you wouldn’t say “more is more” to do that. If someone asked you what “more” means, you also wouldn’t say “more is more”.

This is a purely idiomatic phrase. “More is more” should only be used to say that having more of something is better than having less of something. It should not be used in any other context.

More Is More – Synonyms

“More is more” is a kind of silly phrase, but there are plenty of synonyms for it that sound better, such as “the more the better.” In fact, there are plenty of options, such as:

  • The more, the better
  • More is better
  • No such thing as too much
  • It’s better to have more
  • The more you have, the better

All of these phrases mean the same thing, but they all sound a little better than “more is more”. Still, “more is more” is not really wrong, at least not technically. So you could still use it if you want to. Just know that some people might look at you funny, or even think you just messed up “less is more”.


“More is more” means the exact opposite of “less is more”. It means that the more of something you have, the better, no matter what it is. It can refer to the number of things you own, how smart you are, how much traveling you’ve done, and pretty much anything else that you can measure.

Just remember, it’s not a literal phrase. Don’t go around saying “more is more” as some sort of statement about how “more is a larger number”. That’s like saying “wood is wood”.