“MonkaS”: Meaning & origin + 3 example sentences

“MonkaS” is one of the more popular emotes on Twitch, and it’s come up enough times now in stream chats that it’s worth knowing what it means before using it yourself. There are several variations to the “Monka” emotes, but let’s focus on “MonkaS” for now. What does it mean, and where did it come from? Understanding this will help you use it yourself when you feel the need to in your favorite streamer’s chat.

What Does “MonkaS” Mean?

“MonkaS” means that something is tense and is putting the viewers on edge. It doesn’t have to strictly be reserved for live stream chats, though that is where it’s most commonly seen. A good example would be a streamer playing a horror game when the scary moments are coming up. Chat could be spamming “MonkaS” to let the streamer know that they’re just as scared or nervous for what’s to come.

The “MonkaS” emote is a variation of the more common Pepe the Frog emotes known as “FeelsGoodMan” or “FeelsBadMan”. These emotes have been around for a long while and show that the user is either feeling good or bad about a certain situation that has arisen in the stream. “MonkaS” features the same face as Pepe the Frog, but he’s sweating from his brow and looking nervously off to one side.

Pepe the Frog emotes are some of the most popular emotes on Twitch. They’re also used for various meanings now, and the original meaning of “MonkaS” has been skewed. Now, you could use “MonkaS” when the streamer says something that you don’t quite like the sound of, and they’ve jokingly made you nervous and sweaty by saying it. It doesn’t always have to be related to tension anymore.

It’s become so popular that many streamers will use “MonkaS” while they’re talking to show viewers that they’re nervous about what’s coming up. It’s part of the Pepe the Frog variant emotes, which include: “MonkaOMEGA,” “MonkaHmm,” “MonkaH,” “MonkaW,” and “MonkaEyes.”

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What Is The Origin Of “MonkaS?”

The earliest use of “MonkaS” was a picture of a sweating Pepe the Frog that circulated in 2011. From that, the internet began to use it as a meme and started sharing jokes related to the picture and why Pepe the Frog might be looking that way. Once Twitch became more of a mainstream platform, it was swiftly turned into an emote for people to use.

“MonkaS” was added to the FrankerFaceZ collection in 2016 (one of the earliest entries) and is part of the BetterTwitch.tv (BTTV) extension. You need the browser add-on BTTV to see the sweaty Pepe the Frog when someone uses the emote. If you don’t have it installed, you’ll only be able to see them spamming the word “MonkaS” and won’t be able to put a picture to it. It’s worth having it downloaded for the full Twitch experience.

Why Has “MonkaS” Become So Popular?

Like most Pepe the Frog-related emotes, people enjoy using him for all sorts of reasons. He’s one of the most popular internet mascots and icons for creating memes. The fact that he’s a cartoon makes it easy to draw him in all kinds of facial positions, giving plenty of opportunities to react to just about any event.

As of 2021, “MonkaS” is the 31st most popular BTTV emote used on Twitch (according to StreamElements). That’s massive considering it’s one of the oldest emotes on the platform, and people are still finding fun ways to use it today. Most of the time, it makes complete sense for people to use it in chat, as many things can happen that would cause someone to feel tense about something.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason why “MonkaS” will dwindle in popularity either. Since Pepe the Frog emotes are so popular, likely, there are still plenty of years left to get the most out of “MonkaS” on Twitch.

3 Examples Of How To Use “MonkaS.”

Streamer: “I’m coming up to a scary bit now, aren’t I?”

Chat: “MonkaS MonkaS MonkaS.”


Streamer: “I don’t know where to go. I think I’m stuck here.”

Chat: “MonkaS MonkaS!”


Streamer: “I think I might take a break from streaming for a while!”

Chat: “MonkaS please say sike!”

Streamer: “I’m serious.”

Chat: “MonkaS.”