“Mollywhopp”: Meaning & origin + 5 example sentences

If you’ve ever wondered how to define an uneven struggle, Mollywhop is your term. The term typically refers to a type of uneven round of beating or striking where the victim is defenseless like a little girl and the perpetrator is as powerful as a grown man. In the following few sections, we will learn more about the origin, meaning, and possible examples of the term �Mollywhop’.

What Does Mollywhop Mean?

Mollywhopp means beating up an individual with extreme severity. The term refers to an intense round of striking and tussle where the person being beaten up does not have the strength to fight the opponent back, thereby creating a sense of uneven tiff where the victim is like a little girl in the face of atrocities from a grown man.

Elaborate Meaning of Mollywhopping

As previously mentioned, the term Mollywhopping refers to a situation where a grown individual is beating up another growing individual, but the victim here is defenseless in the face of attack, almost like a juvenile girl under 10 years or less.

Therefore, the term getting molly whopped does not refer to a regular round of beating. Instead, it indicates a beating of such severity where the individual taking up the beating is physically and emotionally traumatized, so much so, that they are incapable to fight back the bully.

If the term is broken down, you will find two distinctive words namely, Molly and Whopping. Here, Molly indicates the little girl who is being beaten up by an apparently older and much more powerful adult. Since whopping is popular slang for getting beat up, the term Molly Whopping, linguistically implies Molly being whopped or whipped in an uneven battle with an older man.

The term can be used in appropriate situations of an uneven fight where an individual, brutally decimates another individual (either physically or emotionally), leaving the victim with no strength to fight back.

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What is the Origin of Mollywhop?

Mollywhop is certainly not a recent term and it is being used in the English language for decades. The term is first believed to have its inception during the nineteen eighties, somewhere around the San Francisco Bay area. It is worth noting that the term is still popular in the area to date. Locals have used the term so frequently that it is now a popular slang in the Bay area and nearby localities.

The term was also popularly used in several tv shows, notable ones being �The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, where it was used in an episode to indicate an impending brutal fight between two individuals. Not that this is the same tv show that turned out to be hugely successful for Will Smith.

Over time, the term was also recognized in �Paris of the Pacific’ where it was used and popularized several times.

Examples of How to Use the Term Mollywhop

Mollywhop can be used in regular informal conversations since it is colloquial slang. While the present participle of this term would be Mollywhopping, the past usage would be Mollywhopped. In the simple present tense, you could use the term Mollywhops.

Although the term was quite popular, it was only added to the Urban Dictionary in 2003. During that point, several other entries were written about the term in other popular online dictionaries. Since the term defines striking or beating of extreme manner, it should be used appropriately only when needed.

Also, note that the term can be used together as ‘Mollywhop’ and it is also correct to use it separately like Molly-Whop. In other instances, you may choose to keep molly whop separate or together with or without capitalizing the first words. Either usage is deemed correct.

In case you are still wondering how exactly to use this term, here are some distinct examples that will help you understand this better:

  • Don’t make me angry, else I will Mollywhop you.
  • The van was speeding against us and the rest of the cars until the Ferrari mollywhopped it and took the lead.
  • You missed watching Deborah mollywhopping Mr. Grubbs, leaving him powerless, crying, and begging for forgiveness.
  • Have you looked at Debbie’s face? She certainly got molly whopped last night!
  • I mollywhopped him so bad that he ended up straight into the hospital!