“Mine Too” Or “Me Too”? Difference Explained (With Examples)

When replying to certain statements to agree with them, we can use either “mine too” or “me too.” We need to understand which one works in which case, though. They are not synonymous, and this article will explain the differences you need to know.

Is It “Mine Too” Or “Me Too”?

“Mine too” works when replying to a possessive statement. This means that somebody has used a possessive pronoun in their previous statement (i.e., “my favorite book”). “Me too” works whenever we do not reply to a possessive statement and instead give a general agreement.

mine too or me too

The different versions work like this:

  • My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird.
  • Mine too.

Here, the possession comes from “my favorite book.” We use “mine” because it also shows that we possess the same “favorite book.”

  • I got into the college I wanted!
  • Me too!

Here, there is no mention of any possessions. We are simply stating that there is a college and that we also managed to achieve the goal of getting into that college.

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Examples Of How To Use “Mine Too” In A Sentence

Some further examples will help you to understand both phrases more. We’ll start with the possessive form.

  • My only regret is that I wasn’t there to send them off.
  • Mine too.
  • My least favorite movie has to be Jaws.
  • Mine too.
  • His only friend is Samantha, apparently.
  • Mine too.
  • Her little brother loves Minecraft.
  • Mine too!
  • My favorite thing in the world are long walks on the beach.
  • Hey, mine too.
  • My friend should be here any second now.
  • That’s okay, mine too.

“Mine too” works to reply to a possessive pronoun. We use it when someone has claimed possession of an object, and we want to share that possession with the same object.

Examples Of How To Use “Me Too” In A Sentence

Now let’s look at “me too” and how it differs.

  • I just saw that on the television!
  • Me too!
  • I think I’m in love with you.
  • Me too.
  • I think I need to talk to you about something very personal.
  • That’s okay, me too.
  • He thought that he knew all the answers to the exam.
  • Me too, but apparently I didn’t!
  • I like the way you think, little one.
  • Me too! Let’s get on with it, then.
  • I need to find my parents before we do this.
  • Me too.

“Me too” works when we agree with the previous statement and have to do it for ourselves. Usually, someone has to do something that will help them out, and we use “me too” to show that we also need to do that thing.

Is It Ever Correct To Use “My Too”?

While “me too” and “mine too” are both correct in their own way, we cannot use “my too.” “My” is a completely different pronoun that makes no sense with the word “too.”

“My” is the possessive pronoun we use to claim an object (i.e., “my friend”). However, if we do not directly state the object, we need to use the pronoun “mine” when we want to claim it (usually as a response to the previous sentence).

  • Correct: Mine too! Though, I’m sure you knew that.
  • Incorrect: My too! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is “Mine Too” Or “Me Too” Used The Most?

It might help you to see which of the two phrases we’ve mentioned in this article is more popular. Sometimes, that helps us to decide which one we want to spend our time and effort learning about.

According to Google Ngram Viewer, “me too” is substantially more popular than “mine too.” That’s because there are plenty more contexts where we can use “me too” to agree with someone or share their sentiment.

mine too or me too historical development

“Mine too” is less common because it’s not as likely that we’ll come across someone making a possessive statement. And, even when we do, it’s not likely that we’ll always find a reason to agree with what they’ve said.

“Mine Too” And “Me Too” – Synonyms

Finally, let’s check out some synonyms we can use in place of the two phrases. These will help you to expand your vocabulary a little bit and give you more ideas to help you out in your writing.

  • Same
  • Same here
  • Me also
  • I second that
  • Seconded
  • That applies to me too
  • Agreed
  • Ditto
  • Likewise

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