“Mind over matter” meaning: 3 examples of how to use it in a sentence

The English language is extremely flexible considering how it constantly enriches it vocabulary with words and phrases. These make for a more colourful idiomatic expressions, borrowing from other languages and neologisms. Being able to understand the lexicons of the English language, can help us understand the denotative meanings of words. Idioms have historical and cultural information to help broaden the understanding of a language. Today, we highlight an idiom that is used in every aspect of everyday life. It is “Mind over matter”.

What does “Mind over matter” mean?

The phrase “Mind over matter” is generally used to describe a scenario in which an individual is able to control their problem or physical condition by simply using their mind. This doesn’t mean that they are imbibed with mutant powers. What it simply means is that they are able to push through adversity, no matter how tough it might appear to be. It can basically be likened to willpower.

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Where does “Mind over matter” originate from?

“mind over matter” is a popular saying that originated during the 60s and 70s. It was initially in reference to paranormal activity, particularly psychokinesis. Nevertheless, its usage spread from that sphere into popular culture where it has been used in relation to mind-centric philosophical and spiritual doctrines.  In this regard, it can be likened to saying your will power alone can possibly help you overcome any circumstance you face.

3 examples of how to use “Mind over matter” in a sentence

Using “mind over matter” to push yourself when faced with adversity or a difficult situation

In this instance, you are using your thoughts to control an unpleasant situation or your physical feelings. For example:

“I am terrified, that is for sure, but this is a case of mind over matter”


“Mind over matter, I know I can do it, if it I really want to.”

“James always knew it would be a case of mind over matter”

“While will power is a very potent factor, anyone can tell you that there are limits to this mind over matter mantra that people say”

Using “mind over matter” in a literary sense to signify mental fortitude

“Where is this last minute attempt supposed to end up at? If you think about it, in the grand scheme of history, just as everyone else has, what is our purpose? Do we really believe we can do better than those before us, avoiding their mistakes and bettering their achievements without losing ourselves? Is it possible for us to have a shift in attitude, moving from a “it is whatever” attitude to a “mind over matter” attitude? Can we ensure that history does not repeat itself? Is it possible for use to rise out of this seemingly never ending cycle of mistakes and ignorance? Can we today truly become the exception to the rule? Well, only time can tell. Till then we have to ensure everything we do is has a mind over matter attitude to it.

Using “mind over matter” in an informal setting

John: Have you heard; we’ve got a test next week?

Amy: Yes, I did. We should definitely study. It’s apparently a large part of our grade.

John: It’s definitely mind over matter. I know I can do it, so I do.

“I think we should start think about our plans for next year. We can draw up a plan at the retreat. The company retreat is holding in December and it is going to be a lot of work to plan it. But I believe we can do it. It is basically mind over matter.”

“I heard the star quarterback got injured again. They say he might be out for the season. I really do hope he can pull through, maybe even tap into that mind over matter psyche that helped us win the Superbowl last year.”

“Why is there another lockdown? It just doesn’t make sense. I don’t know how much of this I can handle. I guess it is really down to mind over matter”

“The answer is it requires a deep understanding /thinking about self.

We are tuned to satisfaction of desires /purchases of car/flat or the like, which is matter.

But we have seen many people finally giving their hard earned wealth for charity. These are the tenets of mind over matter”

“I really wasn’t prepared for this test. Can’t believe I forgot it was today, must have had something wrong with my calendar. No matter I’m here now, I just have to believe I know this class well enough, mind over matter, right?”

“I understand it has been a difficult situation for Ryan, but can you tell him I said mind over matter, he’ll understand what that means”