“Mike who cheese hairy”: Meaning & origin + 3 examples

You might have seen the videos of “Mike who cheese hairy” circling TikTok recently, and you’d be forgiven for not fully understand what it means straight away. If you’ve seen a video of it before all the way to the end, you’ll understand it a little better. Let’s start by saying, sound it out slowly. If you still can’t figure it out, don’t worry! We’ll cover what it means, as well as where it came from, so that you have a better understanding of it.

What Does “Mike Who Cheese Hairy” Mean?

“Mike who cheese hairy” means “my coochie is hairy.” That’s what is intended when you say it. The reason it’s said differently is that you’re supposed to get someone to read out the lines “Mike who cheese hairy” and try to get them to realize what it means after the fact. They should read it out a couple of times before they clock on.

The hilarity of this meme comes from the women that you manage to catch off-guard with it. The more times they read it without understanding it, the funnier it will be. They’re basically admitting to their “coochie” being hairy. While there’s nothing strictly wrong with that, it’s funny to be able to get someone to say that on camera, whether it’s true or not. That’s where the meme started.

The joke was mostly used on TikTok, though some videos were related to it on Youtube and Instagram. TikTok was the true driving force behind getting this to be a well-known joke, though. Now people worldwide are passing pieces of paper with the phrase “Mike who cheese hairy” on it to family members or unsuspecting women. The closer you are to the woman, the funnier it is if you can get them to say it.

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What Is The Origin Of “Mike Who Cheese Hairy?”

The original video of “Mike who cheese hairy” came from the hugely successful mobile video-sharing app, TikTok. It was first uploaded by a user known as meli_a on 22 April 2019. In the video, meli_a is seen giving a piece of paper to a woman and asking her to read the contents. After a few passes, they don’t fully understand it. When it clicks, they realize what they’ve said and laugh about it with meli_a.

After this video was released, more versions were created by different users. One of the most popular ones was actually from a guy reading the phrase out loud. He had no idea what he was saying, and it took him way too many attempts to figure it out finally. It’s most likely this video that led to the trend become as popular as it is today.

Why Has “Mike Who Cheese Hairy” Become So Popular?

The viral trend of “Mike who cheese hairy” started on TikTok in early-2019. The original video wasn’t the most successful one at the time. Still, when people started clocking on to it and laughing about the contents of future videos, they’d cycle back through the uploaded content to find the original one from meli_a.

There are now many Youtube compilation videos of people being given a piece of paper with “Mike who cheese hairy” and trying to figure out what it says. Each of these videos has thousands of views, and people think they’re hilarious to watch. Naturally, when you see something you enjoy on Youtube, you share it with your friends and family, and that’s where the popularity begins to really kick-off.

It’s become so popular now that merch has been made in honor of it. You can purchase all kinds of merchandise released from various sellers, including mugs, hoodies, posters, and shirts. Each of them will have the caption “Mike who cheese hairy” on them in the hope that strangers who might notice your clothes with them on will say the phrase (thus resulting in more hilarious moments with unsuspecting victims.

Urban Dictionary released an entry for “Mike who cheese hairy” on 1 January 2018, owing to the phrase’s popularity and the need to define it.

3 Examples Of How To Use “Mike Who Cheese Hairy.”

Daughter: “Mom, say this.”

Mom: “Mike who cheese hairy.”


Friend 1: “Say this for me.”

Friend 2: “Mike who cheese hairy. I don’t get it.”


Friend 1: “Say this slowly.”

Friend 2: “Mike. Who. Cheese. Hairy. My coochie’s hairy. Oi!”