Maintenance or Maintainance – Which Spelling Is Correct?

Plenty of times in the English language, you’ll encounter two very similar spellings for words. In these cases, you might be unsure which is the right spelling. Should you use “maintenance” or “maintainance”? This article will fully explain which is correct, and clear up all of your doubts.

Maintenance or Maintainance – Which Spelling Is Correct?

“Maintenance” is the correct spelling. “Maintainance” is incorrect and should be avoided. It’s easy to assume that “maintainance” is the correct spelling. After all, similar words like “maintain” and “maintained” also start with “maintain-”. However, that’s not how the word is written. “Maintenance” is the way to write the word.

maintenance or maintainance

The reason that this word’s pronunciation seems odd is because the word is imported from French. Naturally, pronunciations are different in English and French. The word was therefore altered to make sense in English.

In the past, variations of the word existed in both America and the UK. For example, “maintaynence” and “maneteinance” were both used at a certain point in history. This happened more than a century ago.

However, both of these spellings eventually fell off the radar and were abandoned. “Maintenance” is the only way to spell this word that gets actual modern use.


“Maintenance” is a term used to talk about the work that you need to do for something to function over an extended period of time. Plenty of things require “maintenance”, such as computers, roads, buildings, etc. Many people’s jobs are to do the maintenance on the object that requires it.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “maintenance” as “the work needed to keep a road, building, machine, etc. in good condition”. You can tell from this definition that “maintenance” is very important for things to function.

Here are some example sentences that incorporate “maintenance” in them:

  1. I have to perform some maintenance on my old laptop to get it to work.
  2. We should ask the mayor what happened with the electrical maintenance.
  3. If you want to learn about ecological maintenance, you can always ask me.
  4. It’s nice to relax and perform maintenance on my own car on the weekend.


“Maintainance” is an incorrect spelling of “maintenance”, and it should be avoided. This word is always grammatically incorrect. It’s a common mistake. It stems from the assumption that “maintenance” has to be similar to other words that start with “main”.

Dictionaries don’t recognize “maintainance” as a proper word. If you look up “maintainance” in The Cambridge Dictionary, it’ll say that “maintainance” is a common misspelling of “maintenance”.

If you ever see someone use “maintainance”, politely let them know that they’ve written the word “maintenance” wrong. It’s best to correct these mistakes, because they can confuse other people.


“Maintenance” is the correct spelling, and “maintainance” is always incorrect. In fact, “maintainance” is a very common mistake that people make when trying to spell “maintenance”. It’s good to remember that “maintenance” is the only correct way to spell this word, even though alternatives existed in the past.