Is It Lunchtime or Lunch time? (Helpful Examples)

Before writing about doing something at “Lunchtime,” it would help to know whether it’s one or two words. This article will explain all the rules associated with writing it correctly.

Is It Lunchtime or Lunch time?

“Lunchtime” is almost always written as one word. It makes the most sense to group the words together when discussing a specific time in the day. “Lunch time” is also correct, but it’s far less popular. Most people prefer to see the one-word variation.

lunctime or lunch time

According to Google Ngram Viewer, “lunchtime” is the most popular choice of the two. This shows that it’s the one that you’ll have the most luck writing about. However, “lunch time” is still somewhat used.

lunctime or lunch time usage

The Oxford Dictionary and The Cambridge Dictionary both have entries for “lunchtime” as a one-wor variation. This shows that the one-word option is by far the most popular choice.

Neither dictionary mentions the two-word variation “lunch time,” but it’s still a choice that can work.

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Is “Lunchtime” One Word?

“Lunchtime” is grammatically correct. It’s also the most popular choice for native speakers when referring to the time during the day when “lunch” is held. It’s best to write it as one word because most people are familiar with this variation.

It’s common for spaces to be dropped from two words like this when it makes more sense to write them together. Since most native speakers are used to talking about “lunchtime” as one meal or part of the day, it’s commonly written as one word.

AP Style rules allow most words to be grouped to stop them from being unnecessary compound words. It’s common for people to spell words like this together to help their sentences become more concise.

Here are a few examples to help you figure it out better:

  1. I’m going to need to see you again at lunchtime. I think we have to go through some things together.
  2. Lunchtime no longer works for me. Is there no way for us to speed up this process?
  3. I can’t do it tomorrow at lunchtime. I think I’ll be able to do it later in the day if you have time.
  4. What about lunchtime tomorrow? Do you think you’ll have availability then?

Is “Lunch time” Two Words?

No direct rules say that “lunch time” can’t be spelled as two words. However, it’s not very common. Most of the time, the rules used in English writing relate to whether most people write things in certain ways. (i.e. contextual rules).

“Lunch” modifies “time” when it is written as two words. Therefore, it’s not incorrect. In fact, it seems to make more logical sense when it’s written in this way to show that it is currently “lunch” time.

However, it’s rarely used in this form because most people think it looks a bit strange to see it as two words. Whenever you’re referring to specific times like “lunchtime,” it’s best to group the words in your writing.

This is commonplace in English. Most of the time, it comes down to whether most people write it as one or two words. No specific rules say that certain compound nouns should be grouped or not grouped.

Here are a few examples to help you out:

  1. I thought you said we could do something at lunch time. Why have you decided against that now?
  2. I heard that she’d be available at lunch time. Would you like to discuss more about that?
  3. Lunch time isn’t the only time that works for this meeting. Why don’t we sort something else out?
  4. If it’s not happening at lunch time, I’m not interested. Do you understand me?

Tip to Remember Which to Use

“Lunchtime” is best used as one word, so it would help to think of a tip to remind you of this.

“Lunchtime” is the first major break you get at work, meaning it’s the first and only meal you get to enjoy. Since “lunchtime” is the first meal at work, it should be represented by the number “one.” Therefore, it’s best as one word.

Final Thoughts

If you want to follow standard English rules, “lunchtime” is your best bet. The one-word variation is the most common one that you’ll come across. “Lunch time” is correct as two words, but it’s rarely used when written by native speakers.