Lucky Pierre – Mearning and Origin

So many different phrases are in the English languages. Some of them are said daily, and most of us will automatically know what they mean. But other phrases have now faded out of popularity or are perhaps yet to have it.

One such phrase is “Lucky Pierre”.

Two different people could be called “Lucky Pierre”.

In a threesome with two women, the one man will be the “Lucky Pierre”. And in a threesome with three men, the man in the middle is a “Lucky Pierre”.

One man, Two Women

The Film

In the 1960s, there was a popular film called “The adventures of Lucky Pierre”. This film followed the adventures of a man named “Pierre” who had a habit of sleeping with a lot of women. It’s fair to say that this man certainly isn’t shy.

Although this might sound like a x-rated content, it’s actually classified as a “Nudie Cutie”. Unlike x-rated content, nudie cuties, are focused on comedy and character. The sex is used to drive the story along, and not to make people aroused.

Having said that, “Lucky Pierre” probably isn’t the kind of film you’d want to watch with your parents.

The title for this film comes from a song that came about in the 1950s.

The Song

A revue is a type of play, but rather than having one big storyline that runs from the start to the end, it’s a collection of shorter stories that all occur one after the other.

In the 1950s, a famous playwright created such a performance called “Leonard Sillman’s New Faces of 1952 Revue”. And one of the acts in this play featured a song called “Lucky Pierre” about a man named “Pierre” who was rather promiscuous.

The term “lucky Pierre” was never meant to be an erotic one. Its purpose was to poke fun at these kinds of men.

Three men


Over time, “Lucky Pierre” went from meaning a man who sleeps with two women at the same time, to the man in the middle of a three-man threesome.

In 1998, Jonathon Green published “Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang”. As you can probably assume from the title, this book is a collection of many different slang terms, accompanied by their definition.

Although this is the first published use of “Lucky Pierre” being used in such a sense, it’s unlikely that Green gave it that definition for no reason. Although it remains unknown where he got the idea from.

Changing Attitudes

It would make sense that the 1950s and 60s, there wouldn’t be films made about men who sleep around with a lot of other men.

During these times, being gay was not only looked down upon, but it was actually illegal. It makes sense that while attitudes have changed, so have the definitions of certain words. Because today, talking about such topics isn’t looked down upon anywhere near as much as it used to be.

Although even though being gay wasn’t legal, let’s be honest here, men were still f*cking other men. It just had to be done in secret.


“Lucky Pierre” could be interpreted as a euphemism. A euphemism is when you talk about sex or other taboo topics, but you do so in a way that makes it sound like you’re talking about something innocent.

“Lucky Pierre” could be interpreted as just someone who has a lot of luck and happens to be called Pierre. There is nothing about the phrase itself that automatically mean you’re talking about sex.

Terms like these allow us to talk about sex in circumstances where we wouldn’t usually be able to. For example, if we were to go to a posh restaurant.

There are plenty of other euphemisms that you can use when you’re talking about sexual activity. Some of my favourites are the ones that talk about masturbation. The best two are punishing the pope or spanking the monkey.

There are also loads to talk about the act of sex, sleeping with, doing the deed, and baby-making cuddles.

The number 69 is not just the number that comes before 70 and after 68. It’s also a sex position where the two participants can put each other’s genitals into each others mouth at the same time.



The idea of a threesome is one that I believe it’s worth talking about. Why do people like them? What’s the appeal.

Some would argue that men have evolved to spread our seed as much as we possibly can. The more women want to sleep with us, the more we can pass our genes onto the next generation. When you’re able to participate in threesomes, this must mean that you are genitally superior to other men.

People are so willing to sleep with you, they won’t even wait until you have time, they’ll do it while you’re sleeping with someone else.


On the other hand, some more Conservative minded people have some criticisms of threesomes. These people will say that if you love someone, you will want to have sex with them, and them only.

The most moral way to have sex is with one person. Adding other people into the mix makes it a bit vulgar.

As for the idea that we have “evolved this way”, they would argue that we have now evolved beyond that. We’re not just constrained by our biology, and we can make choices for ourselves.

These people would argue that threesomes ruin the nuclear family structure.


A “Lucky Pierre” started off meaning a man in a threesome with two other women. This term comes from the 1960s film “The adventures of Lucky Pierre”. The film got its name from an act from a play in the 1950s.

Over time, the definition evolved to include gay men in threesomes too.

“Lucky Pierre” is an example of a euphemism, which is what we use to talk about sex but in a way that makes it sound like we’re not talking about sex.

Whilst some would say men have evolved to want threesomes, others would say that we have evolved beyond just following our animalistic desires.