Let sleeping dogs lie: Meaning, synonyms & origin + 9 example sentences

What does “Let sleeping dogs lie” mean?

“Let sleeping dogs lie” means to not interfere into a situation which can be further troublesome for us. The idiom has the message to not mess up with someone or something, if we indulge ourselves into unwelcoming affairs then the results could be even worse; one must avoid such intervention. The connotative meaning of the idiom is to avoid such actions which can be problematic for us.

9 examples of how to use “let sleeping dogs lie” in a sentence

  • I have already received a warning letter from the administration; this time it would be better for me to let sleeping dogs lie.
  • However it’s our responsibility to indulge ourselves in the political matters of the state but at the time of elections it’s always better to let sleeping dogs lie.
  • I was in a mood to reveal all the secrets related to the mega corruption in our department but I decided to let sleeping dogs lie.
  • Smith loses his marks due to his habit of asking irrelevant questions; instead of knowing the nature of our professor he keeps this habit. It’s better for rest of us to let sleeping dogs lie.
  • Every time I put myself under pressure and danger due to intervening into unnecessary matters; this time it would be best for me to let sleeping dogs lie.
  • If you will repeat such mistakes you will face the music in future. It’s better for you to avoid such mistakes; let sleeping dogs lie.
  • Let sleeping dogs lie and focus on your work so that you will be on a safe hand.
  • Better to avoid harsh language and let sleeping dogs lie; in this manner no one will hate you.
  • It takes two to make a tango but it’s better for you to let sleeping dogs lie.

The origin of “Let sleeping dogs lie”

The origin of the phrase “let sleeping dogs lie” has its roots attached with dogs. Especially this idiom’s meaning has its attachment with “watchdogs’. The animal dog in the past and currently is being used as a security, as a messenger and it has various uses within security agencies. You can have a better idea of this idiom by bringing a scenario from your past when you were being chased or stopped by a watchdog or the way when you disturb a sleeping dog, it barks at you and even a well trained dog can attack you in order to stop you entering into someone’s house; premises of security agencies like police, army etc. So it’s better to not disturb, intervene a watchdog or other dogs when they are sleeping, if you do so then you can face the music or even a dog can bite you.

This idiom can be seen in English language since 1300s, and the meaning of the idiom has its attachment with “watchdogs”. Now a day, the idiom is in use within English language to avoid us interfering into such things or activities which as a result can bring danger, clash, quarrel, and other unwelcoming results.

Synonyms for “Let sleeping dogs lie”

Intervention, unwelcoming results, face the music, disturbance, annoyance, mind your own business, avoid, don’t take unnecessary steps, be careful, keep away from, stay away from, refrain from, abstain from, ignore, eschew.

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