Labtop or Laptop – Which Spelling Is Correct?

In recent years, we have started to see people use both the word ‘laptop’ and ‘labtop’ to refer to portable computers. You may have landed on this page because you are unsure which one is correct. So, let’s tell you exactly which word you should use.

Laptop or Labtop – Which Spelling Is Correct?

Laptop is the only correct spelling. The word ‘labtop’ should never be used. It is incorrect, and it is almost certainly used when somebody mishears the word laptop. If you see a sentence that includes the word ‘labtop’, then you know that it is incorrect.

labtop or laptop

The word ‘laptop’ is used to highlight the fact that a laptop has been designed to sit on the lap, or at least be more portable. There aren’t many laptops that can be used on the lap nowadays, after all.

As we mentioned, labtop is an incorrect spelling, and it should never be used. It is likely that those that use the word ‘labtop’ do so because they have misheard somebody say ‘laptop’. We can’t say that this is a surprise, really. After all, there are some accents where the word ‘laptop’ can sound a little bit like ‘labtop’.

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The word ‘labtop’ is an incorrect spelling for laptop. It is a misspelling that you will likely find used by non-native English speakers. In most cases, it is down to the fact that they have misheard the word ‘laptop’. It isn’t a huge deal.

While there are many theories as to why people accidentally use the word ‘labtop’, it is likely down to the fact that they have misheard the word ‘laptop’. We must say that this is completely understandable to use. After all, some people pronounce the word ‘laptop’ incredibly quickly, and some people can mishear the word ‘labtop’, particularly in some of the heavier accents.

You may sometimes see the word ‘labtop’ used in written speech online. However, you should never see it in any literature. If you see it in literature, then it is likely an intentional misspelling or just a typo.

Labtop is not a word. If you are thinking about typing labtop, then you should use the word laptop instead.

We cannot give you examples of sentences where labtop is used, simply because labtop is not a word. You are never going to be able to use it interchangeably with the word ‘laptop’.


The word ‘laptop’ is a word used to describe a small, portable computer. In the past, these computers would have sat on your lap. However, nowadays, most of them will sit on a desk. They are far too heavy and expensive to have on a lap.

Laptop is often incorrectly spelled ‘labtop’. However, thankfully, the misspelling is not used all that often nowadays. We suppose that as the English language spreads, a lot more people are going to become familiar with the word ‘laptop’. If somebody misspells the word, then it only takes correcting once and they will fix the problem.

Here are some examples of how you can use the word laptop in a sentence:

  1. He had to carry around a laptop for work.
  2. All of his favorite photographs were saved on the laptop.
  3. A computer repair specialist will deal with laptop issues.
  4. A laptop is a portable computer.
  5. A gaming laptop will allow you to play games.

Is ‘Labtop’ Ever Used?

According to Google Ngram Viewer, the word ‘labtop’ is never used, at least in published works. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people do not use this word. In fact, you probably landed on this page because you saw somebody use the word ‘labtop’.

labtop or laptop usage

So, while the word ‘labtop’ is incorrect, you will likely see it used in informal settings, mostly by those that are still learning how to speak English. However, it is important that you do not use the word yourself. It is not a word, and it will never be a word.

Final Thoughts

The word ‘labtop’ is incorrect. It is normally a misspelling of the word ‘laptop’. Because labtop is not a word, it is not something that you will be able to use interchangeably with laptop. It is likely people make the mistake due to a fast pronunciation of ‘laptop’.