“KEKW”: Meaning & origin + 3 example sentences

If you find yourself perusing Twitch or other streaming sites on the regular, you might have noticed the peculiar term “KEKW” being thrown around. Its meaning isn’t exactly explained when used, and most chat users are supposed to work it out for themselves. However, let’s look at the meaning, where it came from, and why it’s popular!

What Does “KEKW” Mean?

KEKW means that the individual typing it is implying they are bursting out with laughter. It’s an emote on Twitch that features a distorted close-up of a Spanish comedian (El Risitas). He’s in the middle of laughing himself, and there’s a pretty funny video to go along with it. The emote was released as part of the FrankerFaceZ collection.

Though most commonly used to express laughter, it has also been used to find humor in something sarcastically. When chat users find something ironic or unfunny, they may use KEKW as a way to indicate to the streamer that they’re laughing at them rather than at the joke or what might have happened.

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What Is The Origin Of “KEKW?”

As mentioned above, the origin of the KEKW emote came from an interview with El Risitas. You can find the video online with a quick search to add more context if you’d like to. Basically, during the video, El Risitas burst into laughter, but it wasn’t just any laughter. It was iconic because it was more like a high-pitched squeal and people flocked to it to share in the joy that El Risitas was experiencing.

He was trying to tell a story during his laughing fit but couldn’t manage to get the words out while he reminisced. It quickly became a meme and was used in various videos all over the internet. This was when Twitch had it officially added as part of the FrankerFaceZ collection (early 2019).

The emote can only be accessed with an add-on to your browser, giving users the chance to view the emotes. If you don’t have the addon installed, you’ll only see the term KEKW written down. With the addon, KEKW will be replaced with the laughing and joyful face of El Risitas.

The reason that KEKW ends with a “W” is due to the contents of the emote. Most emotes that end in “W” often show an exaggerated or distorted face that the users like to pick up on. You can think of the word as simply “KEK” with a “W” on end if it helps you to say it.

Why Has “KEKW” Become So Popular?

According to StreamElements (as of 2021), KEKW is the 11th most popular FrankerFaceZ emote on Twitch. It is still used every day in the thousands during various Twitch streams across the platform. People love to laugh, whether they’re laughing at somebody or laughing at something. It definitely helped that this emote was designed to bring laughter to Twitch in a way you otherwise wouldn’t be able to express.

On top of that, since the El Risitas video became quite a viral trend, it led to further development and popularity of the emote. The video grossed millions of views (there isn’t one particular video that can be narrowed down, only a collection of them across the internet). People started using it for the more common reasons that it is used today.

When the KEKW emote was added as part of the FFZ collection, people naturally jumped at the chance to use it. Once other users started seeing people spamming and posting KEKW in chat, they began to ask what they were doing and how they could do it themselves. This is the most likely reason that KEKW has taken off as well as it has.

3 Examples Of How To Use “KEKW.”

There are plenty of examples that can work for using KEKW. Remember, it’s mostly reserved for Twitch stream chats, though you could probably make good use of it outside of that if you know its meaning. Let’s take a look at a few examples, though, to give you some ideas.


Twitch Streamer dies in an easy section on stream.



Twitch Streamer: “Did you hear the joke about the other streamer?”


Chat: “KEKW streamer go brrrr KEKW”