“Justice Has Been Served” – Meaning Explained (+Examples)

The expression “Justice Has Been Served” is commonly used both formally and informally, among speakers of the English Language. This article will discuss the meaning of this expression, how it can be used in a sentence, and provide expressions that can be used as synonyms for “Justice Has Been Served”. 

What Does “Justice Has Been Served” Mean? 

The term “justice has been served” is used when the offended get justice or when an offender gets punished for his offense according to the law. This means that most of the time, the expression is used in reference to society’s established legal/justice system.

justice has been served meaning

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the expression “justice has been served” means “proper punishment or fair treatment is given by the legal system.

As you probably already know, the word “justice” is the focus word in the expression “Justice Has Been Served”.

“Justice” has different meanings. The meaning that is peculiar to this topic is that justice is the quality of fairness and impartiality, particularly in reference to a  dispute or wrongdoing. 

From this definition, it is easy to understand the meaning “Justice Has Been Served”.

You use the expression when you mean to say that the right treatment has been given to a person(s) or group(s). 

This treatment is usually given by a legal system. The legal system here may refer to a court, a tribunal, or any committee or body set up to settle a dispute. 

When used in reference to the legal system, “Justice Has Been Served” means that the procedure and conduct of the court has been fair/without bias. This includes every step of the court proceedings and the judgment eventually passed by the court. 

Usually, the expression is used to say that everyone in a dispute has gotten what they deserved. “Justice Has Been Served” does not just mean that a person or group has been punished, and another exonerated. It means that everyone in a dispute has been treated fairly. This fair treatment could then mean either punishment or otherwise. 

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How To Use “Justice Has Been Served” In a Sentence

There are many examples and variations of how to use “Justice Has Been Served” in a sentence. Some examples are:

  1. After watching the events of the past few weeks, I think we can all conclude that as far as this case is concerned, justice has been served. 
  2. It is a good thing that the judge presiding over this case is one who will stop at nothing to ensure that justice is served. 
  3. The company has hired a team of lawyers who will represent us at the hearing. I am confident that justice will be served. 
  4. There has been a lot of buzz on social media over this case. It is my hope that the jury will remain neutral and justice will be served. 
  5. It is truly difficult to pick a side in this dispute, but I expect nothing less than fair play. May justice be served. 
  6. We believe that the judge was biased and the jury was compromised, so we will be appealing to the Supreme Court. We will not rest until we see that justice is served.
  7. When money and power are at play, it is usually difficult for justice to be served.
  8. The case is going smoothly so far. Justice will soon be served. You don’t have anything to worry about. 
  9. The major reason why justice is seldom served in cases brought before the court is that many judges are corrupt. 
  10. At the end of the day, we could all go home with the satisfaction of knowing that justice had been served. 

“Justice Has Been Served” – Synonyms

There are a number of phrases you can use in place of “Justice Has Been Served” in a sentence. They may not mean exactly the same thing, but they are similar in meaning and can be used interchangeably. Some of them are:

  • Justice has been done
  • Justice has been given
  • [Someone] has been brought to justice
  • Justice has prevailed
  • Justice has been administered
  • Justice has been rendered

Final Thoughts

“Justice has been served” is used when you want to say that everyone involved in a situation got a fair judgment. This is usually in reference to a legal system. It could also be used when you are referring to any other situation apart from a court proceeding.