Just the tip

If you’re new to the English language, or if you’re not too up to date on the most recent slang, you might have been confused by the term “just the tip”. This is a phrase often spoken when talking about intercourse.

“Just the tip” is when you have intimate relations with someone, but no more than the tip of the male organ goes in. You can still get pregnant with this method, and it does still count as cheating.

Today, I want to talk about why people do this, why people say it, whether it’s even a good idea, and how the addition of “of the iceberg” gives the phrase a whole new meaning.

Please be warned, this article will be talking about intimate relations and willies quite a lot.

In a intimate context

As I’m sure many of you will be aware, intimate relations work when a man puts his male organ into a woman.

The idea behind intercourse is that the male’s organ and the woman’s organ will both be stimulated, and cause great pleasure upon both of them. Usually, during intercourse, the entire male organ will go inside, and the woman can feel just had big the man is.

However, because when you use “just the tip”, this is not the case, and therefore does not technically qualify as intercourse.

Does it work?

Anyone who has ever been to a single sex-ed class and who has a basic understanding of how sperm and eggs work will know that “just the tip” is not a very effective method for avoiding pregnancy.

Most of us will know that when a man finishes, the sperms exits his male organ from the tip. Therefore, even if it is just the tip in the woman, sperm can still come out and get her pregnant.

Sperm don’t have little maps and then say “Well, I’m not leaving here, my map says the hole isn’t for another 5 inches”.

So if you don’t want to get pregnant, I’m afraid this isn’t going to be an effective method.

Why do people do it?

If it doesn’t work as a form of contraception, you need to ask, “Why do people still do it?”.

One possible reason is that they have been lied to into thinking it does. A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has got its shoes on. If someone reads a post on Facebook saying that you can’t get pregnant if it’s “just the tip”, many will believe it without questioning whether or not it’s true.

Another reason is that if you already have a significant other. You might think that putting just the tip of your male organ into another woman doesn’t qualify as cheating. But I’m afraid it does.

Tip of the Iceberg

A saying that uses the phrase “just the tip” is “just the tip of the iceberg”. This has nothing at all to do with sex or male organs.

“Just the tip of the iceberg” means that something which seems extreme is the just the lower end of what’s going on. For example, suppose you tell me about a company underpaying their staff. In that case, I might respond with “that’s just the tip of the Iceberg, they avoid taxes, and constantly break the law”.


The tip of something is the highest or sharpest point. You might prick yourself on the tip of a needle, or get stabbed with the tip of a sword. In the 1400s, this word came into our language to mean “the extreme end of something”.

It comes from the Low German and Middle Dutch word “tip” which means “utmost point”. I suppose when talking about manhoods, this definition can only apply when it’s erect as it won’t be the utmost point when it’s flaccid.

Unlike other words, “tip” has kept a similar meaning throughout time.


When you hear the word “Just” there are several definitions that may spring to mind.

The first one is related to Justice. If you believe someone has given you an unfair punishment, you might tell them that you don’t think what they have done is just.

It can also mean precisely when talking about small amounts. I might ask you how many slices of pizza you want, and if you’re not hungry, you might respond with “just one”.

This is the definition that you would be meaning when saying “just the tip”.

When talking about time, “just” can mean the immediate past. So if you ask a question, I might respond with “I’ve just told you”.

Does it impact virginity?

One question that I’ve seen pop up on a lot of forums is “Do I still count as a virgin if I’ve just put in the tip?”.

And from a medical perspective, there is no right answer. The reason why doctors ask if you’re sexually active rather than “are you a virgin” is because there isn’t a medical definition of virginity.

Virginity is a cultural construct and therefore what qualifies as “losing your virginity” is determined by the culture you live in.

Is it any good?

Some of our more kinky readers may be curious as to whether or not putting in just the tip is going to feel any good.

Most of the time, for women, the answer is no. But for men, it does. This is because unlike at the front of the female organ, there are glands at the “tip” which causes you to feel pleasure.

However, because these glands are located throughout the male organ, it would make more sense for you to just put the whole thing in. Having said that, if you enjoy doing “just the tip”, I’m not one to judge.


Whenever someone says “just the tip”, they’re talking about a form of sex where no more than the tip of the male organ enters into the woman. This actually serves no purpose. You can still get pregnant with this method, and it does still count as cheating. But for some, they might find it enjoyable.

“Tip” comes from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch to mean “the utmost point”, and “just” can have a variety of definitions.

If you say “Just the tip of the iceberg”, you’re not talking about sex, but rather about something that seems big but is small compared to everything else.

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