Jump on the bandwagon: Meaning, synonyms & origin + 9 example sentences

What does “Jump on the bandwagon” mean?

“Jump on the bandwagon” means to participate in a successful activity or to change your mind about a popular activity so that you can profit from its popularity. The idiom means to participate in a cause or organization whether it is trendy or lucrative. The phrase has the meaning to join others in doing something trendy or likely to succeed, or in promoting a cause that is fashionable or likely to succeed.

9 examples of how to use “Jump on the bandwagon” in a sentence

  • Before jumping on the bandwagon, you must know its consequences in future; either it will be profitable or it will drown your money.
  • Instead of my counseling, Angelina jumped on the bandwagon; now it’s been ten years after her that decision, she is mourning over her past.
  • If you have jumped on the bandwagon after getting some experts opinion, then you must be right and it will be profitable for you in future.
  • Before you jump on his bandwagon, you must learn more about his past and dealings with other customers.
  • The business of hotel management is trendy these days, that’s why everyone is jumping on the same bandwagon.
  • Many juniors in our university jumped on the drama bandwagon after the current drama group won the national drama competition.
  • Let me think and discuss it with my father, before I jump on the bandwagon; at least one must get ideas and be cleared about such big step.
  • Everyone, now a day is investing in fish farming, I am thinking to jump on the same bandwagon before it’s too late.
  • Jumping on the band wagon without knowing the party head could be risky for us, we must decide it with our partners.
  • All the pharmaceutical industries had started jumping on the bandwagons in the race of
  • If you jump on the bandwagon then you must await for the results.
  • She was unaware about the trend, when I told her about that; she suddenly jumped on the bandwagon.
  • I know that would be profitable, let’s jump on the bandwagon.
  • All the students have started to learn different languages, it means; they all want to jump on the bandwagon.

The origin of “Jump on the bandwagon”

The idiom has its direct relations with the process of jumping on the bandwagon. However there are no direct evidences or literary evidences related to the use of this idiom. Usually children or other people who are found of music and music bands, used to get on the bandwagon. The connotative meaning of the phrase is different from the denotative meaning but the idea or central concept of following something popular or trendy resembles between both the meanings of the phrase.

On the other hand, different verbs including get, climb, join and leap are sometimes used instead of jump. Bandwagon throughout the history and currently has been also used with other idioms such as “someone’s bandwagon is rolling”.

“A band on a large painted vehicle (bandwagon) was often present at political celebrations in the United States. If anyone entered a political ‘bandwagon,’ they openly backed the candidate in the hopes of benefiting from their popularity”. From such references from the US, most people relate the origin of this idiom with US. However there are no such valid references or allusions to support this argument.

Synonyms for “Jump on the bandwagon”

Popularity, trendy, profitable, fashion, in, valuable, in demand, up to date, latest, contemporary, in fashion, high success rate, kicky, groovy, funky, smart, upmarket

Idioms related to “Jump on the bandwagon”

  • To have a sense of style
  • Profit by something
  • Turn a profit
  • Free ride
  • Fall into ones lap
  • Get a second bite at the cherry
  • The luck of the draw
  • Make hay while the sun shines
  • A golden opportunity
  • Jump at the opportunity