Is It Correct to Say “Birthday Month”?

When it comes to specifying what month someone was born in, you generally hear “birth month”. But is that the only way you can do it? Would it be correct to say “birthday month” instead?

In this post, we will answer that exact question.

Is It Correct to Say “Birthday Month”?

It is grammatically correct to say “birthday month”. In that case, you are using “birthday” as an adjective to describe the noun, “month”. While this phrasing may be a little awkward, it is not in and of itself wrong. It can be used if you wish.

Is It Correct to Say Birthday Month

Now, what makes it awkward? What is wrong with saying “birthday month”? Well, it’s mostly just a little odd to use a specific day to describe a significantly longer length of time. For instance, most people would find it very weird if you described November as “Thanksgiving month”.

They would know what you mean, but it would be odd. Because of this, you would probably be better off saying “it’s my birthday this month” or “my birthday is this month”. These phrases are much clearer and sound far more natural. That makes them a superior choice of phrasing.

Still, it’s not objectively wrong to say “birthday month”. It’s grammatically correct, it just might not be considered “proper” English. That’s no big deal though; informality is a major part of casual communication in any language. It’s only a problem in very formal settings.

In fact, because there are so few concise ways to describe the month you were born in, “birthday month” is one of the few ways to say this without using way too many words to get your point across. “Birth month” is really the only other good option.

Still, if you agree that “birthday month” is a bit awkward, and you would prefer some other options instead of saying such a thing, we’ve compiled a list of what to say instead of “birthday month” in the section below.

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Other Ways to Say “Birthday Month”

Other ways to say birthday month are “birth month, the month of my birth” and “the month I was born in”. Most of these synonyms are a bit wordy, but when you try to find synonyms for a relatively straightforward phrase, that’s usually how the cards fall.

There are few ways to say “birthday month” in other words. After all, regardless of what synonym you go for, you at least have to mention “month”, and somehow imply that you were born in that month. In fact, there are few actual synonyms for “birth month”.

Rather, there are far wordier phrases or complete sentences that can be used to specify that a month is the one you were born in. Unfortunately, this is just one of those things that doesn’t have many good alternatives.

Ultimately, “birthday month” or “birth month” are the best options when trying to say this. Every other alternative is a very lengthy phrase or sentence that is too literal for general everyday communication.

1. Birth Month

This is the most direct synonym to “birthday month”, and about the only good synonym for it that actually exists. “Birth month” is also far more common than “birthday month” and is the phrase most people use when trying to say such a thing.

Needless to say, “birth month” is the best choice if you want another way to say “birthday month”. Every other option is wordy or practically a complete sentence.

  • My birth month is December, so I get Christmas and birthday presents around the same time.
  • Some people believe that your birth month has an effect on your personality.

2. The Month of My Birth

“The month of my birth” is very wordy and mostly unnecessary to say. But as far as synonyms to “birthday month” are concerned, there really aren’t that many options. It’s very literal, but that’s kind of what you have to go for, since there are next to no actual synonyms for “birthday month”.

  • January is the month of my birth.
  • The month of my birth is approaching, so I will soon be thirty years old.

3. The Month I was Born In

Going even more literal, you can say “the month I was born in” to refer to your “birthday month”. Naturally, this is very wordy and you’d likely be better off just using “birth” or “birthday month”. However, if you really want a different option besides that, this is one of those options.

  • March is the month I was born in.
  • The month I was born in is still half a year away, unfortunately.

4. The Month of My Birthdate

“The month of my birthdate” is very literal and probably wouldn’t fit very well in casual conversation. But it’s one of the few options if you want a different way to say “birthday month”. Long sentences such as these that outright describe “birthday month” literally is about all you can use as synonyms.

  • The month of my birthdate is May.
  • November is the month of my birthdate.

5. The Month That Contains My Birthday

“The month that contains my birthday” is so literal that you would almost never actually use it. There are just shorter, better ways to say the same thing, like “birth month” or “birthday month”. But aside from those two options, you really only have lengthy alternatives like this to describe “birthday month”.

  • The month that contains my birthday is February.
  • I am looking forward to the month that contains my birthday.

6. The Month of the Anniversary of My Birth

You can’t get much wordier than “the month of the anniversary of my birth”. But even so, it is a sentence you could use instead of “birthday month” if you really wanted to. It’s just a lot more words to say the same thing, which isn’t really smiled upon in modern English, which favors conciseness.

  • The month of the anniversary of my birth is April.
  • We will soon be in the month of the anniversary of my birth.