Indulge Me – Here’s The Meaning & Usage (+11 Examples)

Words like “indulge” come with many meanings in English and thus form many different sayings. While “indulge” can talk about getting lost in the fantastic flavors of food, in this case, “indulge me” is used in a very different manner. Let’s look at how “indulge me” is used and what it means.

What Does “Indulge Me” Mean?

Indulge me means that someone is asking for permission for you to hear them out. They might have a story to tell you or an idea to put past you. If they want you to listen before you disregard them, then they can ask for you to “indulge them.”

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When Is It Proper To Use “Indulge Me”?

When you’re telling a story and hoping for somebody to listen to you, you might want to use the phrase “indulge me.”

In this context, “indulge” means to ask permission to do something that might otherwise be considered a violation of a rule. In this case, the rule is common courtesy and etiquette. If you were to ignore the person telling the story, you would violate the rule and not allow them the indulgence they asked for.

You should use “indulge me” when you’re in an informal situation with friends. It’s not a formal saying and is mainly reserved for telling stories or sharing ideas before people get a chance to stop listening to you.

While you might have something interesting to say, many people might not think that at first. That’s why it’s important to ask for them to “indulge you” while you get to the fun parts of the story you’re telling. It works especially well if the story is particularly slow to get interesting.

What Does “Don’t Indulge Me” Mean?

When we flip the meaning around and use “don’t indulge me,” it’s because we’re not expecting the people to listen to us. If anything, we’re encouraging people to ignore us because what we’re saying is silly or unnecessary, and we don’t want them to think any less of us.

“Don’t indulge me” can also be applied to bad habits. If you know you have a habit that you’d rather quit and someone asks if you’d like something related to that habit, you can say “don’t indulge me” to tell them no in a more friendly way.

11 Examples Of How To Use “Indulge Me” In A Sentence

It’s time to look through some examples of using “indulge me” in a sentence. We’ll try and include as many variations as possible to see how you might use it yourself. When you familiarize yourself with these examples, you’ll be much more comfortable with using the words yourself at any given point!

  1. Indulge me for a moment while I go over all the menu options.
  2. Indulge me for a couple of minutes as I tell you that story again.
  3. Indulge me while I go over the notes from the meeting for the third time today.
  4. Indulge me as I go through what needs to be done while I’m away for the weekend.
  5. Indulge me for a moment while I talk you through the new things we sell here.
  6. Indulge me as I walk you through the best way to do this.
  7. Indulge me for a moment while we go over the problems once more.
  8. Would you be so kind as to indulge me for a couple of minutes as to why you were late again today?
  9. Would you please indulge me about how long it took you to get from your house to our school again?
  10. Indulge me while I work my way through this document for proofreading.
  11. Indulge me if you have the time.

It’s most common to start a sentence with “indulge me” to encourage people to continue listening to you. However, in some instances, you may also start a question with something like “would you indulge me” to make sure people explain what you ask them to.

When you ask a question in this way, you’re asking for other people to tell you a story. The indulgence instead comes from you, allowing them the time to explain their side of the story.

Does “Indulge Me” And “I Beg Your Indulgence” Have The Same Meaning?

“Indulge me” can be said in a few ways, and “I beg your indulgence” is one of those ways. However, “I beg your indulgence” is much more formal and is used in environments that are more upper class than typical events.

People might start seeing you as pretentious if you use something like “I beg your indulgence” to regular coworkers or friends. It’s best to just stick with the simplistic “indulge me” instead.

The two hold the same meaning no matter which one you use, so pick your favorite.

Does “Indulge Me” And “Grant Me This Indulgence” Have The Same Meaning?

The same can be said when you look at “indulge me” and “grant me this indulgence.”

“Grant me this indulgence” is a formal way of saying “indulge me.” We’re asking people to “grant” us the wish of hearing us out and listening to what we have to tell them. It isn’t as formal as “I beg your indulgence,” but it’s still up there on the pretentious scale and should only be used in the most formal of situations!

Indulge Me – Synonyms

Finally, let’s run through some synonyms and alternatives of “indulge me.” If you don’t like how it sounds or understand the meaning, you might be better suited to one of these alternatives. They’re a great way for you to convey your meaning without worrying about getting the phrase wrong!

  • Hear me out

Asking someone to “hear you out” is the most informal way to ask for them to “indulge you.” You should use this only with friends and family to make sure you’re in the right tone.

This is a suitable replacement that works to the same extent as “indulge me.” The two can be used interchangeably in most situations, though “humor me” is mostly reserved for telling a story.