“In This Light” – Meaning & Correct Usage (With Examples)

When somebody uses the expression “In This Light”, what do they mean?

We’ll take some time here to search for the meaning of this expression, and what is the correct way to apply it to a sentence. The goal is to be able to use it properly, in our sentences.

What Does “In This Light” Mean?

“In This Light” is an expression equivalent to “from this perspective” or “in connection with this”. The idea behind it is to connect two separate facts, indicating the because of one, the other is what it is. “In This Light” is a nice way to connect your arguments.

in this light meaning

Take a look at the examples below:

  • The coach was accused of verbal abuse. In this light, he decided to step down from his position.
  • The company wasn’t doing well. In this light, the board decided to hire an outside consulting agency.

As you can see by the two sentences presented as examples, “In This Light” connects a second statement to a first one, made before.

In the first example, some accusations were made, leading a coach to step down. In the second example, a company that wasn’t performing as expected decided to hire a consulting agency to try and get some help.

In both cases, the principle is the same: “in light of” sentence one, sentence two had to occur.

“In This Light” is helpful in making your text flow, from one fact to another. It can also help your overall idea make more sense to your audience.

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How to Use “In This Light” In a Sentence

In most cases, “In This Light” usually appears at the beginning of a sentence. It follows a first sentence (or idea) that states an initial fact, which leads to the statement that appears in the “In This Light Sentence. Take a look at some examples of how it’d work:

  1. In this light, we have decided to start a new initiative in the company.
  2. Terry had two F’s on his math tests. In this light, his mom decided to hire a tutor.
  3. I felt that my work performance this year has been more than acceptable, and hope my bosses will see it in this light as well.
  4. Vanessa was fired from her job. In this light, she decided to finally pursue her dream of becoming a professional artist.
  5. Jerry’s friend told him that she felt neglected by him. In this light, Jerry reevaluated his past behavior towards her.

Although “In This Light” is more common at the beginning of sentences, there are some exceptions (like in sentence 3). As long as “In This Light” is connecting two separate statements or ideas, it could eventually appear in a different way.

That form works, too.

“In This Light” or “Under This Light”?

“Under This Light” is an incorrect form of “In This Light”, and as such it should be avoided by all. The correct form, which you can use when connecting two statements, is “In This Light”. Keep it in mind, so you’re led to a mistake, by using the incorrect form.

  1. Under this light, the announcement sounded even more surprising. (incorrect)
  2. In this light, the announcement sounded even more surprising.
  1. Under this light, we should evaluate if we want to continue the business partnership. (incorrect)
  2. In this light, we should evaluate if we want to continue the business partnership.
  1. Under this light, it made sense that Paula broke up with Anthony.
  2. In this light, it made sense that Paula broke up with Anthony.

“In This Light” – Synonyms

“In This Light” is a great expression to indicate the connection between two statements. It can make your argument flow better, and help it make more sense. However, as most idiomatic expressions, it has synonyms, expressions that can be used with the same purpose. Here are some of them:

  • In light of
  • Through this perspective
  • Taking into consideration
  • Considering
  • In view of

Final Thoughts

“In This Light” is the equivalent of “from this perspective”, with a more poetic, subtle form. It should be used (preferably at the beginning of a sentence) to make the connection between facts, or statements. The idea is that in the light of fact A, fact B came to be.

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