In Recognition Of or In Recognition For? (Correct Version)

When recognizing someone’s efforts or accomplishments, what’s the appropriate way to mention them? We want to know if we should say “In Recognition Of” or “In Recognition For”.

Let’s take a look and find out which is correct, which one should be avoided, and if there’re any differences between them.

In Recognition Of or In Recognition For?

“In Recognition Of” is the most common, usually utilized form to acknowledge and show appreciation for someone’s accomplishments and efforts. “In Recognition For” isn’t necessarily incorrect, but it’s uncommon and not used as frequently. If you want to be on the safe side, always prioritize “In Recognition Of”.

in recognition of or for

Take a look at the examples below:

  • We’ll host a dinner party in recognition of Paul’s accomplishments.
  • We’ll host a dinner party in recognition for Paul’s accomplishments.

“In Recognition Of” and “In Recognition For” can work as synonyms. Consequently, they can often interchange. Usually, “In Recognition Of” is preferred to indicate that someone is admired and honored for their life’s work and accomplishments.

However, you wouldn’t be corrected or sound off, if you used “In Recognition For”. 

In Recognition Of

“In Recognition Of” is the most common, frequently used form to show respect, consideration, and admiration for someone and their actions. It’s considered a synonym for “In Recognition For”, although it’s more common in awards, certificates, etc.

Take a look at some examples below:

  1. You will earn your degree in recognition of all of your hard work.
  2. In recognition of his graduation, we will host a party for Mark.
  3. Trina was given a small plaque for her contributions to the cause.
  4. All participants will get a pin in recognition of their efforts in the marathon.
  5. Josh received a certificate in recognition o his participation in the conference.
  6. Daniel was honored to be awarded in recognition of his peace efforts.

People’s efforts and hard work should always be acknowledged. We must show appreciation for what others do, in any given area.

“In Recognition Of” is a very formal way to make that statement and that’s why we see it used often in awards, certificates, etc. It’s also common to say it in formal speeches, delivered to very polished and distinguished audiences.

Perhaps, when congratulating someone directly you may choose to use different words. But keep in mind that if the setting requires formality, the phrase “In Recognition Of” is certainly the preferred one to use.

In Recognition For

“In Recognition For” is less common than “In Recognition Of”, but it’s also correct and acceptable. You can use it to show respect and admiration for someone or to tell a story about how someone was acknowledged for their efforts.

Take a look at the examples below:

  1. This reward is in recognition for your participation.
  2. In recognition for the volunteers, there will be a banquet.
  3. All volunteers will receive a shirt in recognition for their help.
  4. In recognition for their efforts, all students earned a free meal.
  5. We’d like to give you a gift, in recognition for your participation in the research.
  6. In recognition for their efforts, we decided to give the award to the whole team.

Which Is Used the Most?

Which one of those forms is used more often, “In Recognition Of” or “In Recognition For”? Let’s take a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below.

in recognition of or for usage

As expected, “In Recognition Of” appears with much more frequency than “In Recognition For”. We say it was expected because this form is known to be used more frequently.

However, it’s also interesting to notice that the phrase “In Recognition Of” has been decreasing in usage since around 1945. Ever since that date, this expression seems to be trending down and becoming less popular.

“In Recognition For” has always been used less, but has maintained the same usage for decades. Whatever your preferred form is, “In Recognition Of” or “In Recognition For”, feel free to use it.

Final Thoughts

“In Recognition Of” is the most common, preferred way to express praise and admiration toward an individual for their work and contribution. “In Recognition For” is also correct, but used much less frequently. Therefore, we recommend that you prioritize the use of “In Recognition Of”.