I Red A Book Or I Read A Book? Here’s The Correct Spelling (+Examples)

Getting the past tense correct in English can be challenging when you’re met with so many contradicting rules and words. Some words are easy, while others are irregular. Then you get words like “read,” where the past tense is written the same way, leading to much confusion.

Should I Use “I Red A Book” Or “I Read A Book”?

The past tense of “read” is “read”; however, the two words are pronounced differently. The present tense “read” is pronounced more like “reed,” and the past tense “read” is pronounced more like “red.” Many people believe “I red a book” is the correct spelling for this reason, but you should only use “I read a book” when using it in the past tense.

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10 Examples Of “I Red A Book” And “I Read A Book.”

The rules are a little hard to wrap your head around straight away, so we’ve come up with a way to help you out. We’ll include ten examples below that use the correct version of the phrase “I read a book.” However, we’ve split them into a correct and incorrect section, so you can see how the incorrect form “I red a book” is used and why you shouldn’t choose to use it yourself. It is grammatically incorrect, but we’ll get to that in a second.

Correct: I read a book the other day.

Incorrect: I red a book last week.

Correct: I went to the library, and I read a book.

Incorrect: I red a book on the toilet.

Correct: I read a book in class.

Incorrect: My teacher liked that I red a book.

Correct: I read a book when I was asked to.

Incorrect: I red a book to my mom.

Correct: My dad and I read a book together.

Incorrect: I red a book on the weekend.

Is It Ever Correct To Use “I Red A Book”?

It is never correct to use “I red a book” as a standalone clause. It makes no grammatical sense, and “red” is not the past tense of “read.” If you’re making this mistake, you’re not alone, and we’ll help you understand a little more about why. Basically, “red” sounds exactly how the past tense “read” sounds when spoken, so people often mistake the two.

However, “red” is a color in English and nothing else. Something can be red in color, but you cannot physically “red” something. For you to “red” something, “red” would have to be a verb. It is not a verb but an adjective. If you have ever used “I red” in a sentence, then you’ve got the grammar rules wrong. We describe objects and things as “red,” but we cannot possibly do “red.”

Why Do People Tend To Spell It Wrong?

If it makes no sense to use “red” as a past tense word for “read,” why do so many people seem to get it confused? Sometimes, you’ll notice these mistakes in other areas that make a little more sense. However, with “red” and “read,” it just doesn’t add up. Thankfully, though, the explanation isn’t all that complicated. In fact, it mostly all comes down to how you speak and use the word.

As we’ve stated above, “read” in the past tense sounds exactly like the color “red” when spoken. If someone who isn’t a native speaker hears someone use “read” in the past tense, they may often mistake it as the color rather than anything else. This is a common occurrence that happens in many other language rules. It can all be attributed to a simple mishearing over anything else. It also doesn’t take too long to correct once you understand the difference.

Tips To Remember The Correct Spelling

So, do we have any tips to help you to remember the correct spelling? You’ve come to the right place because we do! The tip is a simple one. Familiarize yourself with red things. Red objects and getting to understand that they are red in color is the best way to understand that the word “red” is strictly reserved for naming a color.

Also, it helps to remember that the past tense of “read” is spelled the same way if the color tip doesn’t work for you! It’s just one of those words you’ll get used to using over time.