“I Have Class” vs. “I Have A Class” – Correct Version

“I have class” and “I have a class” are both correct. We can use them in very similar ways, but it would help to know why we might choose to drop the “a” article in some cases. This article will explain all you need to understand.

Is It Correct To Say “I Have Class” Instead Of “I Have A Class”?

“I have class” is correct to say when you want to drop the “a” article in “I have a class.” If we are referring to a specific class we are taking during the day; we do not need to use “a.” Both forms are correct, and it’s a matter of personal preference which one you use.

“I Have Class” vs. “I Have A Class”

Native speakers are more likely to drop the “a” in favor of more simplistic language. It’s also more common in spoken English, which allows us to relax the written rules associated with article usage.

  1. I have class coming up in a second.
  2. I have a class that I need to attend.

Both of these sentences are correct, though “I have class” tends to be more formal.

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What Does “I Have Class” Mean?

“I have class” means that you have a class to attend at school or college. It also means that you have good manners because “class” refers to the way you carry yourself and how well you treat yourself. There are two meanings associated with it here.

“I have class” is typically more common when talking about going to a class at school.

However, we can use it to refer to having manners as well. Most people think it sounds quite pretentious to use it in this way, so you need to be careful before using it.

Examples Of How To Use “I Have Class” In A Sentence

  1. I have class in a few hours, so I need to make sure I’m studying for it.
  2. Hey, I have class. I would never let myself do something like that because I find it repulsive.
  3. We have class to go to. I think it makes sense to leave right now, so we don’t miss it.
  4. I’m not going to do something like that because I have class. My standards are much higher than that.
  5. You have class soon. Make sure you arrive on time, please.
  6. Just because I have class doesn’t mean I can’t have fun! I know how to let my hair down.
  7. I have class, so I can’t hang around! I’m sorry, it was really nice to see you.

What Does “I Have A Class Mean?

“I have a class” only has one meaning. It only works when we are supposed to attend a class in school or college. It’s a good way to show someone that you’re busy with other things. We can use it to exit a conversation in some cases.

We might use it if we don’t have time to talk to somebody:

  • I have a class, so I have to leave.

But we can also use it more generally to refer to having a class (and maybe talking about what we will do within that class):

  • I have a class soon, and I’m really nervous about it.

Examples Of How To Use “I Have A Class” In A Sentence

  1. I have a class coming up. Do you think you could help me study for the test we have in it?
  2. You have a class soon, right? Don’t you think you should go and get ready?
  3. I’m sorry, I have a class. I really wish I could stick around, but it would be irresponsible.
  4. I have a class about this coming up. I’ll let you know what I learn about him.
  5. We have a class on the history of our country. I’ve always been interested in that.
  6. I have a class. I’m sorry, but I have to dash.
  7. He has a class. You won’t be able to stop him from going there because he loves learning too much.

Are “I Have Class” And “I Have A Class” Interchangeable?

“I have a class” and “I have class” are interchangeable when we’re talking about taking a class or a class that’s coming up. We can use both to show that we have one soon. “I have class” as a way to show you have manners is not correct if we use “I have a class.”

Is “I Have Class “Or “I Have A Class” Used The Most?

According to Google Ngram Viewer, “I have a class” is more common. This is because it sticks to more specific written rules. Google Ngram Viewer only accounts for written phrases, so “have a class” is always going to be more popular.

“I Have Class” vs. “I Have A Class” english usage

Interestingly, even though “I have class” has two meanings, it still isn’t more popular than “I have a class.” Again, it’s because “I have class” is the more informal choice, so it’s less likely that you’re going to come across it in writing.

Is “I Got Class” Correct?

“I got class” is correct, but it only works informally. “Got” can replace “have” informally to show that you own a specific thing. In this case, “I got class” can again refer to having a class soon or that you have good manners.

If you’re using it to show you have good manners, “I got class” is a contradiction. Using “got” is informal, while stating that you have “class” is supposedly polite and formal. The two don’t often work well together (though they are still correct);

  • I got class, so I won’t stoop that low.
  • I got class, mate. You won’t’ catch me doing something like that.

We can use it the same as “I have class” when there’s a class coming up. It works best in spoken English:

  • I got class soon. Sorry, but I’ve gotta run.
  • I got class on this topic. I think I’ll know more about it soon.

To Have A Class – Synonyms

  • Have a lesson
  • Have to study
  • Have a test
  • Have a new period
  • Have tutor

To Have Class – Synonyms

  • Have style
  • Have manners
  • Have elegance
  • Better than that
  • Above that
  • Am too sophisticated
  • Have taste